Rob Braid – Global Image Director

Rob Braid – Hairbond Global Image Director

Braids Barbers

robertbraid-760x460EmailLogoindexWith over 20 years experience, Rob Braid  has deservedly established an outstanding reputation in the hairdressing industry. Rob has forged a reputation as one of the best mens hair photographers in the world. Rob has worked on stage and has the unique ability to work in front and behind the camers.

” It is a major honor for me to work with Hairbond. Its not just the quality of the products but its the whole vison of the brand that attracted me. The brands professional image and high end branding fit with my style.  I am really excited in working with some of the worlds best hairstylists with Hairbond behind the camera”, said Rob about his recent appointment as Hairbond Global Image Director.

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