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Ragnar Lothbrok hair styling with Hairbond

Travis Fimmel hair with Hairbond Distorter

We’ve all watched Vikings on Netflix right? The story of the world-famous Ragnar Lothbrok. Here we look at the famous Ragnar Lothbrok hair styles, which we have seen rock our TV sets over the last seven years since the popular Netflix series began.

Rumour has it that when the Vikings famously invaded England from the East, they sailed their ships for one thing and one thing only.  No.. not treasures of gold and silver, riches or land, they were in fact in search of the amazing Hairbond United Kingdom hair styling products to tame their man manes.

Travis Fimmel hair with Hairbond Texturiser Sea Salt Spray

Ragnar Lothbrok’s hair on the hit show Vikings may be one of the most awesome hairstyles we’ve ever seen on television. The Ragnar Lothbrok hairstyle, made possible by actor Travis Fimmel, can be best characterized as a braided variation of a man ponytail or a top knot with shaven sides. Although we probably wouldn’t recommend trying Ragnar’s haircut unless you already have that muscled body and look like a badass warrior, it’s cool to imagine growing your hair out and experimenting with this Viking haircut.

Travis Fimmel in Vikings (2013)

The Vikings were famous for traveling the seas so to get that real authentic washed up “beach effect” texture to your hair we recommend pre-styling with the Hairbond Texturiser Sea Salt Spray. This product is great for providing body and impressive texture with just one application. Excelling in all hair types regardless of gender, the spray is suitable for the summer thanks to its long-term inbuilt protection against UV damage. Who needs a wooden shield!

Travis Fimmel beard with Hairbond Etiquette beard products

If you dare to try this rather rustic and menacing Travis Fimmel hair style, we recommend that you add a supersonic beard for your final look. Give your beard the best chance of success by utilizing the Hairbond Etiquette Beard Growth Formula supplements for the healthiest results.

Whilst you’re happy with growth, focus on maintenance and treat your beard like your new best friend with NEW Hairbond Etiquette Black Series beard products.

Scott McTominay hair with Hairbond

Scott McTominay hair with Hairbond Moulder

Scott McTominay hair style

The Man United midfielder McTominay has written many headlines over the recent months and here’s some help on how you can recreate your very own Scott McTominay hair style for yourself using our exquisite Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper.

If there’s one thing to know about Scott McTominay and any of today’s top Premier League football players for that matter, it’s that they have to be conscious about their very own individual brand image. Top footballers will only use and associate themselves the finer things in life including the best male grooming products on the market.

It’s a small world..

Interestingly the Man United #39 midfielder grew up in the same city as “The Home of Hairbond” where Hairbond first launched their now Universal hair styling brand 10 years ago. Scott would have just turned 13 years old when the brand opened the gates to the world of quality footballer hair styling.

Scott has been a well known regular at local Hairbond stockist Prestige Salon, also based in Lancaster, where they snapped the photo of his latest skin fade hair cut after finishing off with a scoop of Hairbond.

Image result for mctominay

McTominay style

Although the Scott McTominay hair has added colour and highlights  sometimes, McTominay is naturally a true blonde. You will want to ask your barber for quite a high skin fade and to get the authentic natural, professional matte style use the Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper to finish.

This product will give you the sensation of applying a soft wax but without the greasy feel or look. With a 4/5 hold strength, you get lots of control whilst maintaining a true natural matte finish, almost like there’s no product in there at all.

Scott McTominay hair with Julia Roberts

How often does the Scott McTominay hair style need cutting?

Every 2-3 weeks maximum to keep the fade looking fresh!

Scott McTominay sits along side a whole host of Premier League players seen endorsing the Hairbond products including Jack Grealish, Jordan Pickford, Harry Winks, Jamie Vardy, James Ward Prowse, Matt Doherty and many more..

The James Bond hair style – “It’s Time To Buy” Hairbond

James Bond Hair with Hairbond


When you’re dressing to impress and looking for some true man style inspiration, a quick look at the most recent James Bond movie and style trends is not going to hurt! Even when he plays it casual, 007 is dressy, well-cut, nicely groomed and carries a sophisticated style, just like his “perfectly gentleman” James Bond hair style, achieved by using the Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper. This product will give you a matte, natural classic finish with a strong hold and comes packed with a fresh red and green apple fragrance.


Image may contain: 2 people, people standing

This month Daniel Craig launches again after a 5 year break as Mr Bond in what is thought to be his final 007 movie, “No Time to Die”. The world recognized fictional British icon, James Bond constantly inspires the male species all over the planet whilst searching for that contemporary yet familiar traditional hair style; a top choice for the ultimate modern day gent.  Back in 2019, the official “Bond 2020”, as it was first thought to be called, hair and makeup team contacted the Hairbond office to ask if they could use the official Hairbond products on the brand new $250,000,000 budgeted James Bond set. Of course this was a meant to be! What better way to finish off your very own James Bond inspired look than by using the shared name “Bond” products – used to get that on screen James Bond style.


hairbond james bond


James Bond hair – Suit, check.. Tie, check.. Watch, check.. Moulder..

Like James, Hairbond is also widely known as a British, high quality performing, fast working, designer “hair styling” secret agent for many men on earth, but you will only ever need the Hairbond Moulder for the true Daniel Craig Bond effect.

The action packed James Bond blockbuster No Time to Die will launch it’s premiere at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 31/03/2020, followed by the theatrical release on 02/04/2020 for the United Kingdom and not until 10 April 2020 for those of you watching in the US.


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to buy your Hairbond Moulder, secret hair styling agent, we won’t tell anybody. Check out our James Bond inspired

NEW “Your secret hair styling agent” Hairbond United Kingdom Advert 2020


“Our word is our Bond”




Troye Sivan Hair with Hairbond

Image result for troye sivan HAIR 2020

The Shag haircut is one of the biggest fashion trends in 2020, a dynamic look that fits on almost any hair type. Selecting the latest trendy hairstyle for yourself may seem a bit confusing, but with the curly hair, you can go for the Troye Sivan hair style.

Keep scrolling to catch more about how to have the Troye Sivan hair style.  Sivan, a 23-year old songwriter, singer, and vlogger from Australia, is maintaining his tanned appearance with a pleasant character.

He is a pretty big deal as his Youtube channel has with more than 4 million subscribers, and his first EP TYRXE reached on the top on iTunes in more than 55 countries.

Troye Sivan has always been a sensation with his brunette curly shag cut. Troye Sivan’s trendy hairstyle is a point of interest among his fans, and the best part is that he doesn’t have professionals for his stylish hairstyle. He has never presented himself as a fashion icon, but Troye Sivan haircut is regularly featured in various tabloids and celebrity magazines.  Image result for troye sivan HAIR 2020

How to Get Troye Sivan Hairstyle? 

Getting this hairstyle would be easy for you if you have naturally curly and wavy hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have this style with straight hair.

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner once in a few days as it can help you maintain this style.
  1. After washing the hair, you need a dense Wonder Primer spray, which will thicken your hair. It will allow the products to absorb for the betterment of your hair and make the hairstyle last longer for the whole day.
  2. After using the spray, ensure to rub this all-around your hair, the sides, the back, front, and the roots.
  3. When your hair’s dry, you need the hair curves. If you don’t have the natural curves, get a curling iron, and create the curves yourself.
  4. Start with the top part by separating your hair and make sure your hair from the top part is longer than the sides and back.
  5. Separate the strands of hair and curl away by ensuring to make a realistic look. Don’t forget to make the curls separate ways by making one or two curls to the left and then the other one to the right for having the natural textured look.
  6. Use the Moulder for giving your hair a dimension with a hold. Rub it over the palms and add it all over your hairs by separating the strands.

This choppy, twisted hairstyle from the ‘ 70s is completely back and better than it has ever been. Usually showcasing a layered top, rough ends, and lots of shine, the multi-layer haircut is the embodiment of minimal-maintenance and rock star glam. Alloy strands coupled with traditional, feathered texture start making for an elegant updo glance, which can work for any hairstyle and length.

We Recommend

For authentic Troye Sivan hair we recommend using these Hairbond United Kingdom products.

Florence Pugh Hair with Hairbond

Image result for florence pugh hair awards

How to get the Florence Pugh hair

If you are a fan of the Florence Pugh hair style that echoes the virtues of cool, fresh and strong from each of its strands then, the Florence Pugh hair style is what you are actually looking for.

2019 was indeed the breakout year for the 23 year old English actress who has captivated the entire world with her solitary charm, out-of-the-box screen presence, and talent, and most importantly, simplicity in everything she does. But, within Pugh’s big year, another star was born and inevitably, that has to be her signature red carpet hairstyle comprising of an exquisite and detailed up-do.

With so many options of haircuts to choose from, it sometimes gets extremely excruciating for women to resort to an ideal length that can be both tied up or left open on the shoulders, as per the needs and occasions. Nevertheless, if you have medium length hair and are looking for some source of inspiration to fashion versatile looks with it, then Florence Pugh is your idol.

The length of the Florence Pugh hair cut

Florence Pugh’s hair goes a little beyond her shoulder but, sometimes, the length is still shorter than that. Also, there is nothing extravagant about the haircut; from the looks of it, the hair seems to have been tailored with step cuts with a hint of layers in them and rightfully so. More so, the haircut is very neat and can be achieved by anyone of you because after all, as a style icon she has reinforced the verity that nothing beats uncomplicatedness and classic up-dos.

How to ask your hairstylist for the Florence Pugh hairstyle?

Accept it or not, all of you girls out there secretly wish for a hairstyle that is chic yet, easy to manage and will require the minimum efforts and the tufty topknot of Pugh, that looked like the most satisfying coiffure ever, suits this string of demands the best.

Even though your barber cannot style the hair for you, he can bring about the shape and size that would be indispensable for putting the look together. Your barber should bear in mind two imperative things while styling your hear; firstly, the shape of your head and face and secondly, add a unique touch that is relevant to your personality. If possible, show your stylist a picture of Florence Pugh so that he/she can implement the essentials that you were so long failing to describe.

As you must have seen, there is a tinge of softness in Pugh’s hair which you shouldn’t miss upon with harsh and definite cuts here and there. In order to make the hair look more natural, its texture shouldn’t be compromised with under any circumstance whatsoever!

Styling the haircut

Coming to the final step of the Florence Pugh hairstyle, you will need the right products to compliment the haircut with. We highly recommend using our Hairbond Wonder Primer for multi benefits whilst, to add a glossy finish,  Hairbond Gripper Pomade would keep the hair slicked back without the grease.

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