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Styling Henry Cavill hair on “The Witcher 2”

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Henry Cavill hair styling with Hairbond products

Behind the set in the hair and makeup department, the Henry Caville hair stylist Jacqui Rathore @rathorejacqui posts on Instagram:

“Those who get excited about this kinda thing will just know…. new wig stand AND all the new products …. getting ready for Season 2!!! #thewitcher2 #wigstands #hairbond #henrycaville #thewigdepartment @henrycavill @hairbond @thewigdepartment #hairbonduk

The Witcher Season 2 - Netflix

Who is Henry Cavill? 

Here we are to discuss the world of the famous Henry Cavill hair and beard styles. If you don’t already know Henry Cavill’s ascent to fame was regular – minor jobs in little motion pictures and TV arrangements like The Count of Monte Cristo, Hellraiser: Hellworld and the Midsomer Murders, trailed by more observable exhibitions in standard hits like The Tudors and the Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Cavill frequently concedes that he was a strong tyke growing up and this made him an objective for menaces at school.

It was not until the point that he turned 17 when he assumed a job in The Count of Monte Cristo that he began losing pounds and shedding his fat.

In his meetings, Cavill has shared that it was a gathering with Russell Crowe, who was taping Proof of Life in his grounds, that gave him the primary look about acting.

Today, Cavill is best known for playing Superman in the DC Extended Universe, a job which he held since 2013 with Man of Steel, trailed by 2016 hit Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice.

About Henry Cavill

  • Height: 6 ft 1 inch (1.85 m)
  • Henry Cavill Age: Born on 5th May 1983
  • Kids: None
  • Henry Cavill Place of Birth: Jersey, Channel Islands

How to Look and style like Henry Cavill

What to say to your barber?

Your hairstylist or beautician should know this as the “Classic gentleman Look”.

You need short back and sides and low decrease, however, don’t skip the sides. Some want to utilize scissors and perhaps a razor, which gives an extraordinary control to somewhat develop weight top and to give that hand-done look. It’s vital to give the main a delicate look—free it up, give it development so you have style choices.

Top Henry Cavill Hair Styles

#1: Henry Cavill Short Straight Formal Hairstyle 

Henry Cavill Short Straight Formal Hairstyle

Smooth and attractive is the fundamental thought for this haircut because the back and sides are scissors trimmed short up and around the ears. The rest is left marginally longer to accomplish this formal haircut which is ideal for any event. A premium matte is required for hold and shape and normal trims are required every six weeks. Style with Hairbond Gripper for best results.

#2: Henry Cavill Short Straight Formal Hairstyle

Henry Cavill Short Straight Formal Hairstyle

Perfect and clean is the fundamental thought for this haircut. The back and sides are sliced short and near the head, while the best is rough cut and cleared up and back for an incredible wrap-up. This is an incredible haircut for any event and requirements item for sparkle and hold. Standard trims are required every six weeks to keep up this shape. Use the Hairbond Shaper to complete the look.

#3: Henry Cavill Short Wavy Casual Hairstyle

Henry Cavill Short Wavy Casual Hairstyle

This nice looking hairdo is ideal for men with an elongated face shape and normally wavy hair. The back and sides are sliced short and near the head, while the best layers are left sufficiently long to be styled into twists and waves to shape this remarkable look. Pre-style with Hairbond Texturiser Sea Salt Spray, finish with Hairbond Gripper for the ends.

#4: Henry Cavill Short Straight Casual Hairstyle

Henry Cavill Short Straight Casual Hairstyle

Cool and easygoing is the primary thought for this haircut. The sides and back are edited short and near the head mixing into the best length that is left somewhat longer to be separated sideways and smoothed back for an ideal wrap up. A little measure of Hairbond Mattifier is essential for added hold and Hollywood sparkle.

#5: Henry Cavill Bald

Henry Cavill Bald

Let’s start by telling the fact that the bald look for Henry Cavill isn’t really a choice but more to depend on the fact that his hairline is receding. However, no other actor carries it better than him.

#6: Henry Cavill’s Superman Look

So the principal picture of the new Superman film, Man of Steel, turned out at the beginning of today. Furthermore, despite the fact that we could discuss various things — like, say, the clearly texturized new suit— That is the stuff of Kennedy legend. You’re conceived with hair this great, or you’re just not, so don’t feel like you have to purchase a cape or anything.

#7: Combed Back Hair

Combed Back Hair

A wavy style gives off an impression of being characteristic and the ongoing search for the performer. This time the Henry Cavill hair is at a medium length, yet orchestrated in a way that isn’t smoothed against the head. Rather, his hair is inexactly masterminded to move once again from the face in a tousled style.

A similar look can be accomplished in others by beginning with a small amount of the Hairbond Shaper, working through the strands that are then lifted and curled up and out from the scalp. This look is joined with a trace of facial hair development for a fair appearance.

#8: Henry Cavill Buzz Cut

Henry Cavill Buzz Cut

He likewise shows up with buzz trimmed hairdo. The cut underscores the slight widow’s pinnacle that he wears. A smoother configuration is combined with gentler facial hair to again accomplish a fair generally speaking appearance.

#9: The Justice League Henry Cavill Look

The Justice League Henry Cavill Look

The Henry Cavill hair has a characteristic twist to it, which can be accentuated by having a separated separating. Frequently as folks, we attempt to fight against our hair to accomplish a look, conflicting with what our hair needs to do.

Subsequently, his twists are normally styling his hair. Just by putting a little measure of Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper enables the hair to normally style itself.

#10: The Henry Cavill Classic Side Part

The Classic Side Part

Around 2 to 4 creeps of hair on top are best for this trim. The more drawn out the hair, the more volume your hair will have. The sides ought to be cut with a razor on a setting somewhere in the range of #3 to #6. You’ll additionally need a decrease or blur on the sides and also a decreased neck area. Use small amounts of Hairbond Gripper to support this style.

#11: The Man of Steel Look

Begin in the best area. Raise the blasts to 90 degrees with a slight over heading to leave the blasts somewhat more. The hair ought to be left around 4 inches in length. Take little segments utilizing the main segment as your guide back toward the crown.

Cut the round of the head segment beginning in the back. Take an area in the centre hauling the hair out at 90 degrees with vertical separating leaving the hair around 4 inches in length. Try not to cut into the guide from the best segment. Pursue this manual for the privilege and afterwards to one side.

Cut the semi-complete segment. Begin in the back at the hairline and utilize even segmenting and the palm trimming system. Haul the hair out to 90 degrees and leave the principal trim at around 2 inches.

Finish the outline. Use Hairbond Gripper Professional Hair Pomade to complete this style.

#12: The Mission Impossible Fallout Look

 The Mission Impossible Fallout Look

To get the Henry Cavill Mission Impossible hairstyle you will go for around a number #2-3 on the back and agrees with around 3-4 inches left to finish everything. This could either be scissor cut all finished, or clipped on the back and sides. Additionally, let your hairstylist realize that this will be worn cleared back.

For the most obvious opportunity with regards to getting what you need, demonstrate your hairdresser clear photos of the style, this will assist them with recommending a minor departure from the style that will suit your hair and face shape. Use small amounts of Hairbond Mattifier to support this style.

#13: Henry Cavill Curly Comb Over

The wavy side part works similarly too on wavy, thicker hair as it would with straight hair. For this Henry Cavill hair style, request that your stylist trims your hair shorter down each side and leave a long length to finish everything. To make things much simpler, we’d exhort getting a critical step bladed in to spare you piles of time in the morning.

As with the wavy undermined, evaporate hair from roots utilizing a vent brush to lift the hair, however, pull up and to the side rather than in reverse. Utilize your hands to style hair to the other side. When mainly towel dry, rub Hairbond’s Gripper Pomade through the hair for hold and a characteristic sparkle. In the event that you need to know how to make wavy hair wavy, put resources into Hairbond’s Texturiser Sea Salt Spray which can give to a greater degree a wave to the twists.

#14: Henry Cavill Long Hair

Henry Cavill Long Hair

In case you’re going for a men’s long wavy hairdo then this is one of your best alternatives, particularly in the event that you like object free hair. The initial step is basic: given your hair a chance to develop out normally. Simply trim at whatever point you feel like it’s getting too long or is looking especially bunched up.

Hairbond’s Texturiser Sea Salt Spray works wonders. It holds twists and waves set up without making them unbending, abandoning them delicate, loose and brimming with the surface. For additional hold, rub a little measure of the Hairbond Distorter, pulling the item through with your fingers.

#15: Henry Cavill in The Wavy or Curly Quiff

Henry Cavill in The Wavy or Curly Quiff

The wavy quiff requires shorter hair on the back and agrees with medium to long hair to finish everything. For thick wavy hair for men, request that your hairdresser layer the length a little to lessen weight close by this, and in the event that you intend to style your quiff to the other side, disclose this to your hairdresser and they can adjust the trim to suit.

While styling wavy hair quiffs, utilize a vented brush and dry the front of your hair with a hairdryer while lifting the hair upwards and in reverse. Whenever completed, run Hairbond’s Shaper Toffee through your hair for delicate hold pursued by a spritz of hairspray.

Henry Cavill’s Top Beard Styles

#16: The Natural Cavill Beard Style

The Natural Cavill Beard Style

Numerous men decide on a characteristic, full facial hair essentially on the grounds that it’s wearable and effortlessly kept up. Cavill looks hot in this normal, somewhat outgrown facial hair. It’s an intense, manly look that works for some men.

#17: Cavill’s Neatly Trimmed Full Beard

Cavill’s Neatly Trimmed Full Beard

In the event that you pick a characteristic, full facial hair, you can tidy it up basically by flawlessly trimming your Cavill-propelled look. This makes a facial hair style that is manly however more cleaned.

#18: The Brooding Cavill-Inspired Look

The Brooding Cavill-Inspired Look

Some of the time, you simply don’t have room schedule-wise to stress over your whiskers style or you would prefer not to seem as though you’ve made a decent attempt. Whatever your look, given it a chance to develop out into a “facial hair, couldn’t care less” sort of hope to imitate Cavill’s agonizing yet hot look.

#19: Cavill’s 5-O’Clock Shadow

Cavill’s 5-O’Clock Shadow

Like Cavill, numerous men look incredible when they are perfect shaven however let multi day of development work for them. This 5-o’clock shadow look peruses as flawless and clean yet at the same time super hot. As a reward, it’s unimaginably easy– your preparing technique is to just avoid the prepping.

#20: Cavill’s stubble

Cavill’s stubble

Cavill’s nice-looking bone structure implies that he can wear any look, however, purposeful stubble attracts thoughtfulness regarding his best highlights: his square facial structure and striking eyes. Once more, we see a simple look, one that can work for some men.

#21: Cavill’s  Short Full Beard

henry cavill short beard

The short full facial hair is extraordinary for gentlemen that can grow generally even whiskers everywhere. This is anything but difficult to trim down yourself at home, simply go a similar length everywhere. Try to deal with your facial hair with the Hairbond Etiquette Majestic Beard oil.

#22: Cavill’s Beard with Fade

Cavill’s Beard with Fade

In the event that you need something ultra-sharp then the facial hair with a blur could be the one for you. In case you’re going for a buzz or a skin blur then the facial hair blur will complement the hairdo pleasantly. It just depends on how much upkeep you need and how brisk your whiskers develop. In case you’re hoping to trim this at home at that point you’re most likely not going to have the capacity to imitate this and in addition, your hairdresser would.

#23: Cavill’s Patchy Beard

Cavill’s Patchy Beard

Because your facial hair is sketchy in regions it doesn’t imply that you need to shave everything off. Work with your sketchiness to run with something that suits your face shape and the facial hair you have.

#24: Cavill’s Wild Beard

Cavill’s Wild Beard

The wild however styled facial hair still looks keen enough to wear in the workplace, yet isn’t as prepared as most on the rundown. It may be the case that you leave the neck hair to develop, you could develop the cheeks out, or develop out the length. It’s prepped yet not excessively, and incredible for the individuals who don’t need excessively customary support. Simply make a point to work with your face shape, you don’t need anything that begins to take once again the state of your face, and, doesn’t compliment it.

#25: The Mission Impossible Fallout Look

The Mission Impossible Fallout Look

Henry Cavill emerges with slight stubble and a heavy moustache in the MI series. There isn’t a style the man can’t carry. To grow this beard is pretty simple. Just trim the beard every three days to keep the stubble look and maintain the moustache to the heaviness you choose and even the edges to give it a clean look! Get better beard results with the Hairbond Etiquette Beard Growth capsules.

How to get Leonardo DiCaprio’s slicked-back hair for date night

The date night to end all date nights, Valentine’s Day has reared its head again, which means you’re probably thinking about how to look a million dollars when you head out for dinner. Chances are, you’re probably also thinking about your grooming: there’s no greater lubricant for romance, after all, than looking your best. If you’re in need of some inspiration, however, let us direct you to the man who has mastered both: Leonardo DiCaprio.

Ever the ultimate gent, DiCaprio’s look for the Oscars earlier this week was, well, pure DiCaprio. A single-breasted tux, white dinner shirt and sharp bow tie was the perfect outfit, finished off with his slicked-back, side-parted hairstyle. We wouldn’t mind re-creating that dapper grooming, so, to look top notch this Valentine’s Day, we called up one of our favourite barbers, Patrick Forster, and asked for his top tips on styling like Leonardo for date night.

leonardo decaprio hairbond

Once again, Leonardo DiCaprio looked like a perfectly groomed gent at the Oscar’s this week. I’d love to re-create this look for date night on Valentine’s day – could you share some styling advice on this and the best products to achieve that slicked-back finish?

Patrick Forster: I have to agree with you here: the sophisticated, swept-back style sported by DiCaprio at this week’s Oscars ceremony was pretty timeless and elegant.

Once upon a time in 1990s Hollywood, the actor adopted this dapper-chap look for Titanic and he’s been the king of sleek ever since (special shoutout’s to The Wolf Of Wall Street and The Great Gatsby). He looks sharp, yes, but it’s actually pretty simple to achieve this heavenly hair styl.

Ask your stylist to serve you with a scissor haircut, leaving length on the top and sides for that suave swept-back look. After this, you can re-create the styling at home with minimal effort.

Straight hair is a bonus here, but products will ensure you don’t make waves. Create a side parting and use Hairbond’s Gripper Professional Hair Pomade to maintain hold. Then take a wide-tooth comb. The aim is to shape and space your slick back, rather than finish with a full on super-sleek Cary Grant effect.

hairbond gripper

If you don’t want to be a complete flop on Valentine’s night, make sure you dont forget to use a pre-styler product. The Hairbond Texturiser Sea Salt Spray is perfect: it will provide a light enough hold so your partner’s hand won’t get stuck when they caress your irresistibly flawless locks.

hairbond texturiser sea salt spray

Check out the rest of the Hairbond products via Hairbond.com

Secrets to Hollywood hair


Between the weather conditions and through the day, the hair tends to suffer a lot and needs help to stay in good shape. But since having a healthy hair routine is not easy, we offer you a little guide that should be able to sharpen you on a few points. To get Hollywood hair you’re after, there are some essential tips we can discuss.


Image result for man washing hair

Dust, pollution, wind, sun, perspiration, excess sebum, mites, the hair absorbs everything! So yes, you have to clean your hair , but not necessarily every day. The more we wash, the more it greases. Ideally, 2 to 3 shampoos per week is enough. But fine hair without volume may sometimes need more to regain suppleness.

And the choice of shampoo, is it important for Hollywood hair results?

This is the point on which we must be very vigilant. Choose a shampoo suitable for your hair type, but also for your scalp. Shine? Volume? Anti-hair loss ? Today, you are spoiled for choice in finding the shampoo that suits you. If thick hair can afford almost anything, fine hair and especially sensitive scalps will have to turn to softer shampoos. How to recognize them? Mild shampoos are generally formulated without ammonia, paraben, sulfate and silicone, with very moisturizing properties such as aloe vera, shea or olive oil.


The majority of men do not know the right gestures and manhandle their hair more than they do them good!

Deposit the shampoo on your hair, then with water, emulsify it by rubbing delicately. Then massage, and always with delicacy, your scalp to avoid unbalancing your hydrolipidic film and let your shampoo slide on your hair. This small massage in the shower will allow you to relax and activate the micro-circulation of your scalp, which will restore shine and suppleness to your hair, quite naturally!

Rinse your hair well, yes, take the time to rinse well as freshly as possible, hot water attacks your hollywood hair.




As for the skin, the hair once cleaned, needs to rehydrate and be protected! To protect your hair, soften it, smooth it, tone it, you can apply a conditioner .

How to choose it? Always depending on the nature of your hair! Too dry? Too thin? Too thick ? Do not hesitate to take a men’s conditioner which will amplify the actions of your shampoo, the results will only be more convincing! 


If you want to keep hair healthy, it is strongly advised to do it once a month! Shampoo + conditioner in 10 min flat, in the shower, ok, but take 1 hour of your time, once a month, for a deep conditioning treatment and you will immediately see the difference. 

Cleanse your scalp with a delicacy. Use a scalp scrub which will remove impurities and remove dead skin, enough to get rid of dandruff, effectively fight against excess sebum and even promote hair growth. This exfoliation must be gentle, because its purpose is to ventilate the scalp and not to irritate it.

Unquestionably, after the exfoliation, you hydrate, soothe, nourish! This is where the hair mask comes in. Choose a nourishing, hydrating, rebalancing or even toning mask. Apply generously from root to tip, and feel free to wrap your hair in a towel. The heat will intensify the properties of your mask. Leave on for an hour, two hours, a whole night depending on your needs and availability… and rinse off!

Your hair is constantly attacked, whether by pollution, what you eat or by human hair color . This is why it is essential to take care of it daily.


Which products are the best for faster, thicker Hollywood hair growth?

We’re on a never-ending quest for long, thick hair, and if you’re anything like us then you’ll know all about hair growth tablets and supplements.

BUT the question we’re all asking is: do hair growth tablets actually work? Kim Kardashian is a fan, but can oral supplements really help you get fantastic, Gisele-worthy tresses? And if so, what are the best hair growth supplements out there? Our hair growth capsules are a good place to start, and available directly from hairbond.com .


Get the Authentic Jack Grealish hair style with Hairbond Shaper

Image may contain: 1 person, drink
Get the Authentic Jack Grealish hair style with Hairbond Shaper

The Jack Grealish hair style has written many headlines over the years. Let’s see how you can recreate the ballsy Grealish hairstyle for yourself using our exquisite, best-selling Hairbond Toffee.

The latest is that Jack Grealish has renewed his contract, devoting himself to Aston Villa for at least another 5 years. If there’s one thing to know about the Aston Villa Captain Jack Grealish and any of today’s top Premier League football players for that matter. They are all aware and have to be conscious of their own individual brand image, and this includes their chosen haircut and hairstyle.

Hairbond Shaper Toffee - THE BEST HAIR PRODUCTS

From designer, hand made suits, expensive watches to modified top of the range – sports cars, the world’s best footballers will only use and associate themselves with the stand out finer things in life and that doesn’t stop when it comes to hair styling products. This makes Hairbond one of the most sought after high-performance hair product brands in the world.


As the proud #1 hair styling brand for Professional Footballers, Hairbond United Kingdom has been supplying some of the world’s best football players around the globe for now over a decade.

Image result for jack grealish hair

Whilst other major hair styling brands work on budgets and look to minimise costs and maximise profits, Hairbond products are made with only the best ingredients and formulations, whatever the cost.

jack grealish hair styling hairbond shaper toffee

The Hairbond Shaper has a rich butterscotch toffee fragrance, is strong holding, water-based, paraben and sulphate free and manufactured in small batches in the UK.

A young Jack Grealish introduced himself to the brand a few years ago and like so many other international football stars established a great connection with the Hairbond hair styling products.

Don’t touch Jack Grealish hair

Grealish was on outstanding form yet again last season as Aston Villa reached their first league cup final after a whole decade with a dramatic 2-1 victory over Leicester City in the second leg of their semi-final at Villa Park.

As the fans flooded onto the Villa Park pitch to celebrate, Grealish was in the middle of conducting an interview in the tunnel. Unbeknownst to the midfielder with the perfect footballer’s hairstyle, Villa right-back Frederic Guilbert and assistant coach Richard O’Kelly decided to ruffle up Grealish’s perfectly styled locks.

Grealish’s cheerful demeanour instantly changed into a foul mood as no one should dare mess up his iconic Jack The Lad hairstyle. Thankfully, the Villa captain regained his composure to enjoy the win.

Asking your barber for the Jack Grealish hair cut?

Image may contain: 1 person, drink

Assuming you’ve grown out enough length on top (approximately 5 to 6 inches) ask your barber for an undercut with a grade 1 on the back and sides.

If in doubt, show a picture to your barber. It always helps for peace of mind. Then to style, use the Hairbond Shaper Toffee to finish off the Jack Grealish hair style.

If you want to go for the authentic Jack Grealish hair style then the Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee is a must-have.


Every Hollywood Movie ft Brad Pitt hair style using Hairbond

Every time you hear of a new Hollywood movie premiere featuring the famous Brad Pitt you just know it’s going to be a corker and so his characters hair style. Here we take a look at the Brad Pitt hair styles which have taken over our screens over the years in some of the biggest BP blockbuster movies ever, how to ask your barber for the particular hair cut and what products to use in order to get those award winning Hollywood results.

Brad Pitt Fury Haircut

brad pitt hair styling hairbond mens hair

What is Brad Pitt’s haircut in Fury called?

In Fury, Brad Pitt has a slicked back pompadour with an undercut. The sides are kept very short to create contrast to a timeless looking cut. The back of the hair is kept longer and tapered off to a zero through the neck.

What should you ask your barber for?

Ask your barber for a slicked back pompadour on top with an undercut. If you want to achieve the exact look then you want the sides buzzed down to a 0 or 1. With length still left in the back and tapered off through the neck. However some gents may want to keep the back & sides the same length and just have the top left long.

Styling the Brad Pitt Fury haircut

As with all slicked back looks, the best product to use is a pomade with a medium – high shine. Use a pomade with medium shine and a medium to high hold, like the Hairbond Gripper Professional Hair Pomade.




Brad Pitt Inglourious Basterds Haircut

Inglourious Basterds, Brad Pitt

What is Brad Pitt’s haircut in Inglourious Basterds called?

The Lt. Aldo Rain or Gorlami haircut from Inglourious Basterds is a classic – it’s an undercut side parting haircut with a long comb over.

What should you ask your barber for?

To get the Brad Pitt Inglourious Basterds haircut ask your barber to leave around 3-4 inches in length on top worn almost pomped and over to the side. You want the sides to be taken to a low taper or fade with around a #1-2 in length. It’s likely that you may want a tiny bit more style with this cut, so ask your barber to blend in the side parting as oppose to it being undercut.

Styling the Brad Pitt Inglourious Basterds haircut

To get the Brad Pitt Inglourious Basterds haircut, use a high hold cement like the Hairbond Mattifier Professional Hair Cement.




Brad Pitt Haircut Fight Club

Image result for brad pitt fight club

What is Brad Pitt’s haircut in Fight Club called?

The first rule of Brad Pitt’s haircut in Fight Club? Well, we are going to talk about it. The Brad Pitt haircut in Fight Club is a messy spike style with a short back and sides.

What should you ask your barber for?

To get the Brad Pitt haircut in Fight Club ask your barber to leave around 2.5-3 inches through the top, and have the sides taken down to around a #4-5 with around an inch in length at the top of the sides. Brad Pitt also has the sideburns left long down to below the bottom of the ears. You could also have this haircut scissor cut all over for a more personalised finish.

The most important part of this haircut will be the texture to give the messy look that Brad Pitt has, so make sure to get your barber to add lots of texture through the hair for a choppy, spiky look.

Styling the Brad Pitt Fight Club haircut

Brad Pitt would have likely styled with this some sort of gel or wax, as that’s just what we did with our spikes in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, that gives the hair more of a shine or greasy look, but we’d recommend using a more matte finish product like the Hairbond Mattifier Professional Hair Cement to bring this haircut slightly up to date.



Brad Pitt Fight Club Haircut Shaved Head

Fight Club

What is Brad Pitt’s hair cut in Fight Club called?

The second Brad Pitt haircut in Fight Club is a buzz cut one length all over.

What should you ask your barber for?

To ask your barber for the Brad Pitt buzz cut, a number 1 or 2 all over. For a more modern look you could also get your barber to add a fade on the back and sides and leave the top slightly longer.

Styling the Brad Pitt Fight Club haircut

The best thing about this haircut? No styling at all. Just get up and get on with your hair. Depending on how fresh you like to keep your hair, you will need some maintenance. We’d recommend getting it topped up every 3-4 weeks to keep something like this not looking too overgrown once it grows out.



Brad Pitt Haircut Seven

Image result for brad pitt seven

What is the Brad Pitt Seven haircut called?

This Brad Pitt haircut in Seven is a short back and sides with a heavily textured top.

What should you ask your barber for?

To get the Brad Pitt haircut in Seven get your barber to leave around 2 inches on top, leaving slightly more length in the fringe. The most important part of this haircut is going to be the texture, so let your barber chop through this to add the messy look. On the back and sides ask for around a number 2-3, but you could go as short as you like with this style.

Styling the Brad Pitt Seven haircut

To style the Brad Pitt Seven haircut you want to use a product that gives a matte look and shows off lots of texture in the hair. Use the Hairbond Distorter Professional Hair Clay to finish.




Brad Pitt Allied Haircut

Image result for brad pitt allied

What is the Brad Pitt Allied haircut called?

In Allied, Brad Pitt plays a spy in World War 2, and with that comes a classic style of the time. Brad Pitt wears a classic side parting that is scissor cut all over.

What should you ask your barber for?

To get this haircut ask for your hair to be scissor cut all over – you don’t want any clipper work with this style. Have around 4-5 inches left on top with more length through the fringe and getting shorter towards the crown. Then have the sides tapered down into a shorter length. Use your natural parting to find where to part your hair.

Styling the Brad Pitt Allied haircut

The Brad Pitt Allied haircut is sometimes worn with a low shine and sometimes with a higher shine, more reminiscent of the haircuts of the time, so it will really depend on what you like. But if you’re looking for the more classic high shine look then use a pomade like the Hairbond Gripper Professional Hair Pomade.