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Benedict Cumberbatch | Hairbond

Introducing celebrity barber Dean Banowetz, also known as the Hollywood Hair Guy, who has teamed up with us to share his expert advice on how to achieve the popular Hollywood Benedict Cumberbatch hair style. With years of experience styling the hair of A-list celebrities on red carpets and in movies, Banowetz is the go-to expert for achieving the perfect hairstyle. In this guide, he shares his insider tips on what products to use, and how to style your hair to look like the iconic Sherlock Holmes actor. 

“As the Hollywood Hair Guy, I’m excited to share my expertise on how to achieve the popular Benedict Cumberbatch hair style. To start, I recommend asking your barber for a medium length scissor cut through the back and sides of the hair. If you’re wanting the full Sherlock Holmes effect, you’ll simply need to grow out your regular cut (possibly 2/3months worth of growth)

Now, let’s talk about styling. I highly recommend using Hairbond Wonder Primer Spray 120ml first for all variations of the Cumberbatch hairstyle. For a shorter, classical slick style, keep your hair just slightly damp and use small amounts of Hairbond Gripper Professional Hair Pomade 100ml. If you want higher shine, wet more before application. For a dryer look, continue to blow dry with small amounts of Gripper already in the hair. Or, if you prefer more of a modern matte finish from the beginning, blow dry the hair completely after applying the Wonder Primer Spray and use a small amount of Hairbond Distorter Professional Hair Clay 100ml for dry texture and control.

Benedict Cumberbatch hair

For those going for the longer Cumberbatch look, Sherlock style, I suggest instead using Hairbond Super Fibre Professional Hair Fibre 100ml to hold and create the parting down the middle of your head. This will suit those who already have a natural curl to their hair. If your hair is naturally straight you may want to look instead at celebrity Tom Holland for medium length hair styling inspiration. 

All Hairbond products are water-based and wash out easily, yet still keep the style looking natural all day. Trust me, with these tips and products, you’ll be able to achieve the Hollywood hairstyle of your dreams.”