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Scott McTominay hair with Hairbond

Scott McTominay hair with Hairbond Moulder

Scott McTominay hair style

The Man United midfielder McTominay has written many headlines over the recent months and here’s some help on how you can recreate your very own Scott McTominay hair style for yourself using our exquisite Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper.

If there’s one thing to know about Scott McTominay and any of today’s top Premier League football players for that matter, it’s that they have to be conscious about their very own individual brand image. Top footballers will only use and associate themselves the finer things in life including the best male grooming products on the market.

It’s a small world..

Interestingly the Man United #39 midfielder grew up in the same city as “The Home of Hairbond” where Hairbond first launched their now Universal hair styling brand 10 years ago. Scott would have just turned 13 years old when the brand opened the gates to the world of quality footballer hair styling.

Scott has been a well known regular at local Hairbond stockist Prestige Salon, also based in Lancaster, where they snapped the photo of his latest skin fade hair cut after finishing off with a scoop of Hairbond.

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McTominay style

Although the Scott McTominay hair has added colour and highlights  sometimes, McTominay is naturally a true blonde. You will want to ask your barber for quite a high skin fade and to get the authentic natural, professional matte style use the Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper to finish.

This product will give you the sensation of applying a soft wax but without the greasy feel or look. With a 4/5 hold strength, you get lots of control whilst maintaining a true natural matte finish, almost like there’s no product in there at all.

Scott McTominay hair with Julia Roberts

How often does the Scott McTominay hair style need cutting?

Every 2-3 weeks maximum to keep the fade looking fresh!

Scott McTominay sits along side a whole host of Premier League players seen endorsing the Hairbond products including Jack Grealish, Jordan Pickford, Harry Winks, Jamie Vardy, James Ward Prowse, Matt Doherty and many more..