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Harry Styles Haircut | Hairbond

Over the years the Harry Styles haircut has had way more variations than his band One Direction has had UK number ones (14). Some of Harry’s younger, out the box hair do’s have been somewhat messier than others, so we thought we should take look at how to achieve what we call a “Harry at his best” hair style and also advise what Hairbond product you are going to need in your grooming arsenal to replicate the classic Styles looks at home.

We’ve already checked out fellow 1 D band mate Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan so lets see how the Harry Styles haircut compares.

Ask your barber for the Harry Styles Haircut

When looking his sharpest, the top Harry Styles haircut leaves the hair with a medium to a longer length, with lots of texture, flexibility, and charm. When you visit the barbers ask them to prepare your hair for growing if it’s on the shorter side, if you have length already you just want a modern scissor cut and stricktly no clippers! This best suits a clean shave and is a knockout with formal attire. Afterall Hairbond products were made for the “extraordinary gentlemen”.

harry styles haircut

Harry Styles Styling

For the greatest Styles inspired results, we recommend using small amounts of the Hairbond Super Professional Hair Fibre because this unique, innovative hair styling product creates separations with a matte finish. The Super’s strong flexible hold gives immediate grab and a high-density texture while thickening hair’s appearance. This product will give you the effect of strong wax but without the shiny, greasy look.

Since One Direction’s 2016 breakup, indefinite hiatus, disbanding, or whatever you want to call it still has us emotional four years later. One of the top boy bands of the 2010s defined so many good times for all of us Directioners. We miss them, but could a recent Harry Styles’ radio interview hint at a reunion for 1D?

For more rugged results, add more length to the top and sides of the hair and don’t be afraid to show some stubble.

So what are you waiting for?