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James Bond Haircut | Hairbond

When you’re dressing to impress and looking for some true man style inspiration, a quick look at the most recent James Bond movie and style trends is not going to hurt! Even when he plays it casual, 007 is dressy, well-cut, nicely groomed and carries a sophisticated style, just like his “perfectly gentleman” James Bond haircut, achieving an authentic British look by using the Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper. This product will give you a matte, natural classic finish with a strong hold and comes packed with a fresh red and green apple fragrance.

Mr James Bond has ben set to appear in what is thought to be his final 007 movie, “No Time to Die”. The world recognized fictional British icon, James Bond constantly inspires the male species all over the planet whilst searching for that contemporary yet familiar traditional haircut and style; a top choice for the ultimate modern day gent.Ā 

Back in 2019, the official “Bond 2020”, as it was first thought to be called, hair and makeup team contacted the Hairbond office to ask if they could use the official Hairbond products on the brand new $250,000,000 budgeted James Bond set. Of course this was a meant to be! What better way to finish off your very own James Bond inspired look than by using the shared name “Bond” products – used to get that on screen James Bond hairstyle.

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James Bond Haircut And Product To Style

Like James, Hairbond is also widely known as a British, high quality performing, fast working, designer “hair styling” secret agent for many men on earth, but you will only ever need the Hairbond Moulder for the true Daniel Craig Bond effect.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to buy your Hairbond Moulder, secret hair styling agent, we won’t tell anybody.”

Our word is our bond!”

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Get the James Bond Haircut “Our word is our Bond”

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