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Ragnar Lothbrok Haircut | Hairbond

We’ve all watched Vikings on Netflix right? The story of the world-famous Ragnar Lothbrok. Here we look at the famous Ragnar Lothbrok haircut and various styles, which we have seen rock our TV sets over the last seven years since the popular Netflix series began.

Rumour has it that when the Vikings famously invaded England from the East, they sailed their ships for one thing and one thing only.  No.. not treasures of gold and silver, riches or land, they were in fact in search of the amazing Hairbond United Kingdom hair styling products to tame their man manes.

Ragnar Lothbrok’s hair on the hit show Vikings may be one of the most awesome hairstyles we’ve ever seen on television. The Ragnar Lothbrok haircut and hairstyles, made possible by actor Travis Fimmel, can be best characterized as a braided variation of a man ponytail or a top knot with shaven sides. Although we probably wouldn’t recommend trying Ragnar’s haircut unless you already have that muscled body and look like a badass warrior, it’s cool to imagine growing your hair out and experimenting with this Viking haircut.

The Vikings were famous for traveling the seas so to get that real authentic washed up “beach effect” texture to your hair we recommend pre-styling with the Hairbond Wonder Primer Spray. This product is great for providing body with just one application. Excelling in all hair types regardless of gender, the spray is suitable for the summer thanks to its 7 wonder-ful benefits.

Finish off with a super matte finish, and added volume by using small amounts of Hairbond Super Professional Hair Fibre.

If you dare to try this rather rustic and menacing Travis Fimmel haircut / style, we recommend that you add a supersonic beard for your final look. Give your beard the best chance of success by utilizing the Hairbond Etiquette Beard Growth Formula supplements for the healthiest results.

Whilst you’re happy with growth, focus on maintenance and treat your beard like your new best friend with NEW Hairbond Etiquette Black Series beard products.

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