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Johnny Villanueva – Wahlberg’s Celebrity Barber

Barber to the stars, Johnny Villanueva (Instagram: johnny_v_hair) says hair is your best accessory. Here you see Johnny styling the Hollywood’s actor, producer, businessman, model, rapper, and American songwriter, Mark Wahlberg Hair.

Johnny V took to Instagram to share his adoration for the Hairbond product range:

“I’m very blessed and thankful for all the products I received throughout the year that being said there’s is always one or two that I love and this is one of them. @hairbond My reluctant son after cutting his hair I had him sit down for a quick pic his hair is curly so I used a combination which I often do when grooming hair because hair texture doesn’t always work with most products so sometimes you just have to be a scientist? I combined MATTIFIER / GRIPPER.

 Johnny amongst other top international barbers talks here about experimenting with mixing Hairbond products for even more diverse results. Why not give his recommendation a go:

Mark Wahlberg Hair Styles

Mark Wahlberg “short hair style” recommended Hairbond product
Wahlberg “long hair style”
recommended Hairbond product

Get great Tom Holland esque results with this medium-longer length hairstyle. Keep your hair conditioned and protected with the Hairbond Wonder Primer Spray when you try to create this unique Mark Wahlberg hair do.