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mens hairstyles

Looking for timeless mens hairstyles and inspiration for your next hairstyling project? As a leading professional hairstyling brand, we are here to help. We are masters when it comes to high end mens hairstyles and hairstyling, why? Because millions of people around the world use our award winning hair products to make them happy in the hairstyling department.

Today we present a group of some of the best UK barbers who have nothing but extensive knowledge when it comes to classic mens hairstyles and how to get the best out of a good haircut with a Hairbond product.

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Quiff with Jon Bourne

mens hairstyles

In this video we meet Jon Bourne with model Kieran who is predominently using the Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee on a skin fade haircut.

The Shaper has a strong hold and butterscotch toffee fragrance this product perfectly suits this mens hairstyle.

Jon advises how you can get the most from this amazing Hairbond product.

Kieran says “I like using this specific hair product because it applies to my hairstyles excellently, it allows me to get the texture and the hold that im looking for and it’s all around just a great product.”

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Curly Mens Hairstyles with TGC

mens hairstyles

Gareth the barber is working with Alex on this one. Using the moulder for immediate grab and high density texture.

Gareth maximises volume to give the roots lift. Using the heat from his hands

Gareth seals the deal with and even coat of the Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper.

mens hairstyles

Alex says,

“It gives me the volume and texture I find hard to get in other products, and I think it looks really easy to style and do at home myself”

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Fade with CJ Martin

mens hairstyles

In this video we meet CJ Martin AKA The Young Gun styling with Hairbond Distorter Professional Hair Clay with Mark as his subject.

Distorter delivers a flexible hold factor 3/5. As a matte styling product it creates texture with more of a natural and supple finish.

mens hairstyles

Talking about the Distorter, Mark says,

“Smells of apples, smells lovely”

“I’ve used Hairbond before at home, whenever I run my brush through it, it’s awesome”

“It looks natural, more natural which ive never found with a hair product before”