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To get Tom Holland hair you need to get a Tom Holland hair cut. Maybe you’ve been looking for inspiration for a medium length hair cut, checking out trends set by those in the limelight?

Then actor Tom Holland is your man. Like Manchester City and England footballer Jack Grealish (pictured below), Tom knows how to rock a medium length and a longer length scissor cut.

With so many different types of haircuts out there at the minute, it can be a difficult choice for men. But those wanting particularly medium length and longer length hairstyles can find it even harder to find inspiration.

tom holland long hair

This is why we visit this world-famous Hollywood actor and the iconic Tom Holland hair styles.

Since filming his most recent movie, we notice in interviews (February 2022) that he’s been growing it out.

Could this longer style be in preperation for his next Hollywood role, or is he simply “letting his hair down”?

If you’re new to @Hairbond products, you should know it’s the most popular hair styling brand associated with countless celebrities and world-class footballers..


tom holland hair unchartered

In his latest movie “Unchartered”, Tom has kept to his medium length hair styling.

In this new blockbuster Tom plays Nathan Drake, an adventurous video game character, visually inspired by Jackass star Johnny Knoxville.


Peinado de Tom Holland Far From Home

In the Infinity War movie it was again a classic, Tom Holland medium length style at around five to six inches long on top and neat round the edges.


In Spiderman’s Far From Home the Tom Holland haircut is a little shorter than some of the others. It’s still reasonably longer on the top and he uses products to enhance his natural curls. For our product suggestions, keep on scrolling…

Tom always goes for a traditional scissor cut, nicely tailored to him and his hair. The back and sides are taken short and tapered, but there’s never “scalp exposure”.

This means you won’t see Tom Holland with any harsh fades on the back and sides. For England football fans, think more Harry Kane than Phil Foden.

Length is so important here. After all, Tom’s not a Peaky Blinder.

¿Qué productos son los mejores para el peinado de Tom Holland?

Styling the Tom Holland haircut will depend on what you like from a product and your hair type. But first we want to let you in on our little secret..


Antes de pasar a las opciones de productos de acabado, el spray Hairbond Wonder Primer es un producto imprescindible para cualquier persona con un estilo de cabello de longitud media en particular. Debido a la cantidad de beneficios que ofrece este tipo de producto, se le puede conocer como muchas cosas, (spray multibeneficio, protector del calor, potenciador del color, reductor de puntas abiertas, spray acondicionador, etc.) pero en este caso lo llamaremos nuestro pre-styler.

Sea cual sea la longitud de tu cabello, corto, medio o largo, aprende cómo puedes beneficiarte del uso de un pre-styler.

No construirías una casa sin poner primero los cimientos, ¿verdad?

Tres pasos de preestilización

  • Mientras su cabello está seco por el lavado, aplique un par de dosis de Hairbond Wonder en sus manos. Distribuya uniformemente con un cepillo o un peine.
  • Utiliza un secador de pelo para secar el producto de manera uniforme por el cabello. Los resultados son suavizantes. Cuanto más rebelde sea tu pelo al principio, más lo domará este producto.
  • Una vez que tengas todo el control y la forma que deseas, es el momento de elegir un producto de acabado..

Para un cabello más grueso

Cuando el cabello es naturalmente grueso, normalmente se puede utilizar cualquier producto que se desee. Para un acabado mate y natural, utiliza una cera o arcilla mate como Hairbond Moulder, Hairbond Mattifier o Hairbond Distorter. Pero para añadir un elemento de brillo al cabello utiliza un producto que añada un poco de brillo, como hace Tom, y prueba una pasta o crema como el Hairbond Shaper o el Hairbond Gripper

Para cabellos finos/delgados

Si tienes el pelo fino, utiliza un producto que dé un acabado mate natural y fuerte, como el Hairbond Moulder.

Cómo pedirle a tu peluquero el corte de pelo de Tom Holland

Whatever length you’re going for you will first need to grow your hair out slightly longer than you think. Your barber will add in all the shape by removing sections.

They will be able to tailor this style to suit you, taking into account mainly two things, your head shape as well as hair type so be warned, it should be completely unique and personable to you in the end. Show your barber the picture you have of Tom for inspiration and leave it with the expert to give you the best version of what you’re asking for.

If there’s any confusion instruct them to scissor cut all over, and blend only slightly shorter into the sides (no undercuts). Use your finger length as a guide, tidy and soft approach to ears and neck are a must, leaving it natural.

You don’t want any harsh line ups here. For finer or curlier hair then let your hair use its natural texture and take that into consideration when adapting the length. If you have thicker hair ask your barber with thinning scissors to add texture throughout to help you style it. 

Ahora que conoces los secretos, es el momento de conseguir tu propia variación del corte de pelo de Tom Holland y liberar a tu superhéroe interior.

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