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Want to become a Hairbond Distributor for your country?

We supply a team of International Hairbond Distributors who keep the Hairbond Tribe stocked up around the world. Meet the team..

Hairbond Holland International Distributor Daniel De Ridder

Favourite Hairbond product: Shaper and Mattifier mix

When Daniel joined the #HairbondTribe he knew that there would be others in the Netherlands who would want a piece of the pie. After building relationships with the best product retailers in Holland, Daniel continues to supply thousands of Hairbond products each month to the Dutch market.


Hairbond Iceland International Distributor Ellert Agúst Pálsson

Favourite Hairbond product: Hairbond Moulder

Since launching the #HairbondTribe in Iceland, Ellert has worked with some of Iceland’s most famous icons, celebrities and sports people. With a smaller population of approximately 338,000 , chances are the Icelander you meet next is styled with Hairbond with thanks to Ellert and his team.


Hairbond USA International Distributor John Yodzis

Favourite Hairbond product: Hairbond Shaper

After joining the #HairbondTribe John saw huge potential in adding Hairbond to his distribution portfolio and has gone on to supplying a long list of top US salons and barber shops.


Hairbond Czech Republic International Distributor Mark Weston

Favourite Hairbond product: Hairbond Distorter

After Mark joined the #HairbondTribe he realised he could make an even bigger impact in the Czech Republic, by looking after the best salon and barber shop accounts who know what their customers want and need.