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Cole Sprouse haircut

Cole Sprouse doesn’t only play soft boy characters on screen, but he does have the same personality in real life. If we talked about one of the most defining qualities of Cole Sprouse, then we can’t not mention his hair. The Cole Sprouse haircut is left wavy, modern, and well-styled.

Similar to actor Tom Holland this is one of those haircuts that gives off relaxed, cool and casual vibes at the same time. Think about what it might look like if Robert Pattinson grew his hair out that little bit longer.

So, let’s learn how to achieve this texture and waves in the hair.

Asking for the Cole Sprouse haircut

It will help if you give overall directions to your hairstylist to get the hair like Cole that is curved but with natural effects. According to the personal hairstylist of Sprouse.

“It’s not hard to create hair-like Sprouse; With the right guidance and products, anybody can do this.”

Here we are using Hairbond products to create the perfect wavy and textured hair that looks just like Sprouse. Now you’ve got the Cole Sprouse haircut, here are the steps that you need to follow:

Get the dark hair Cole Sprouse color:

At first, the step starts with the haircut and then moves towards getting hair color. But beware that a dark black color can go wrong on some guys. So, for creating the perfect hair color, you can use products from the Hairbond’s Etiquette black series collection. You can use the black magic shampoo or black series Rock to get the perfect color.

Don’t wash too often:

Here is an essential tip after deciding the perfect black color that goes best with your skin tone. According to Sprouse’s hairstylist, please don’t wash your hair often because it can dry your skin and hair. If you want to get Sprouse’s look, then maintain better scalp health.

Use Hairbond products:

The hair texture of Sprouse’s hair is the key factor. So, you can use Hairbond sprays and waxes to create the texture. But don’t forget to apply the products when there is moisture in the hair. In this way, you can create a wavier and more textured look just like Cole Sprouse. Here are the following products that you will use to give a final look.

Product namePurpose of the product
Hairbond® Etiquette – Black Series – Hair (30, Majestic Hair Growth Capsules)To grow the thicker and longer hair just like Cole Sprouse
Hairbond® Super Professional Hair Fibre 100mlIt helps to restore the hair in perfect shape with a dry matte finish.
Hairbond® Wonder Professional Hair Primer Spray 120 ml.Essential for maintaining the hair health

It means Hairbond offers a complete package that can help to create the perfect Cole Sprouse haircut and final style.