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What Is A French Crop Haircut? The French crop haircut has a blunt fringe with generally longer lengths on top but at the same time, with a skin fade or a short backs and sides. England and Manchester City’s midfielder Phil Foden French crop haircut is a perfectly well known example of this classic haircut. The best thing about the French crop is that you can be flexible with lengths on the top and the sides, whilst the cropped fringe helps you when it comes to styling the top. Whether you want some lift and volume on the top or you just want to keep it flat, the French crop is an extremely versatile haircut.

What Do I Need For The Cropped Haircut?

This haircut is as low maintenance as they come. We recommend getting the most out of your French crop by maintaining and protecting your hair with a hair primer.

For best results, after cleaning your hair, work in the Hairbond Wonder Primer.

Once combed through the hair on the top, use a hairdryer to blow dry the product in. Your hair will naturally feel smoother, better conditioned, silkier and if you want to put in a Hairbond styling product to finish, your hair will now be in its best form.

How To Get It Cropped

French crops are widely known in the barber industry but just incase your barber looks confused when you ask, help them out with a photo you found to inspire them.

One thing which might be important to you is whether its just a short back and sides version you want or whether you want it blending like a skin fade.

Alternatively you also have the disconnected option if you want to go for an undercut variant.

Chat with your barber about which styles suit your head and face shape, they will also be able to advise you based on your hair type, making sure you walk away as the best version of you.