Hairbond Etiquette new premium “Black Series” grooming brand launching

Etiquette is a male grooming community founded by Hairbond United Kingdom, which creates a range of British made premium products to cover the essentials of grooming – shaving, beard maintenance, skincare and hair styling. We invite everyone to get inspired and share your own vision of style with us online, Our brand philosophy by Hairbond United Kingdom:

“Grooming is not only about how you look, but how you feel. It’s about being comfortable, trying new things and shaping your next look. we created Etiquette to give people the inspiration as well as the right products to try out something different and feel completely at home doing so. Etiquette is here to support men, to give them the tools they need to create whatever look they are going for.” 

Welcome to Etiquette by Hairbond United Kingdom. Our 23 product range contains Elite Etiquette “Black Label” products:

Majestic Shaving Oil

Majestic Beard Oil

Majestic Shaving Creme

Majestic Shaving Balm

Majestic Shaving Gel

Majestic Beard Shampoo

Majestic Beard Creme

Majestic Moustache Wax

Majestic Black Rock

Majestic Spiker

Majestic Master Clay

Majestic Fixing spray

Majestic Face Cleanser

Majestic Balancing Scrub

Majestic Black Shampoo

Majestic Fragrance

Majestic Shower Gel

Majestic Body Lotion

Majestic Elite Body Spay

Majestic Beard Growth Tablets

Majestic Haircare Tablets