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Harry Kane Haircut | Hairbond

Stay away from the clippers! If you want it buzzed short and cropped you should be looking instead at Phil Foden for inspiration. For the Harry Kane haircut, this is the total opposite. Ask your barber for a soft scissor cut on the back and sides. Keep it mostly natural round the back and tidy round the sides keeping length on top.

For an appropriate length, check out some pictures of Harry and show the barber before they start. But do be prepared and aware, some barbers will first want to process your face and head shape before going through with this kind of style. It might not actually be the best hairstyle option for you.

What do you need for the Harry Kane look?

But if it’s a goer, you will need a few important keys to unlock that Harry Kane haircut and hairstyle you have in mind. Firstly you need the blow dryer. Then you need a rounded brush. Thirdly good coordination or a great blowdry technique. Lastly you need a product routine designed by Hairbond United Kingdom. One which can tolerate the most vigorous workouts.

Especially useful when you’re challenging some of the world’s best footballers. The Hairbond brand is also proud to be supported by a whole host of Premier League footballers including England national players.

The huge list includes England past and present players Michael Owen, Phil Jones, Jack Grealish, Jordan Pickford, Harry Winks, James Ward-Prowse, Fraser Forster and many more not forgetting Jamie Vardy of course..


The Full Routine

For the Harry Kane hairstyle we recommend pre-styling with the Hairbond Wonder Primer. Apply a squirt or two to the hands and apply through damp hair. Then grab your brush and begin to blow dry it in with a backwards motion on a medium heat setting.

Once your hair is silky soft, dry and airred comfortably in a backwards direction, it’s time to apply the smallest amount of a finishing Hairbond product. This can be a different product selection for everybody, depending on what hold strength you want, or what style and texture you prefer. But in most cases, for most hair types, we recommend using a small amount of the Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee hair product for the proper Harry Kane hair style. Feel free to use more if you like it slicker, especially when it’s longer.

The Hairbond Shaper toffee will provide the hold you need and a hint of shine so that it keeps your hair looking like you’ve made a special effort for a smart and well-groomed look.

One last thing..

Remember the Harry Kane style is not a low maintenance haircut. After planning, the haircut, the pre-styling, the hair drying and the final finishing touches with a Hairbond hair styling product, are stages which are ultimately as important as one another to get the complete Harry Kane hairstyle.

We wish you good luck!