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Jordan Pickford “It’s got to be Gripper” | Hairbond

After receiving a picture of support, holding two Hairbond products up, from the England number one goalkeeper, we wanted to know what was the all time favourite – Jordan Pickford hair product.

Pickford tweeted back “It’s got to be Gripper pal” 

As you will have noticed, since then, Jordan’s haircut has gone through a couple of changes.

Slick It Back like Jordan Pickford

He’s had a number one all over, a high skin fade, a low skin fade with longer curtains and both a side and centre parting on the top, but today we see it slicked straight back..

Asking your barber for the Jordan Pickford haircut

Ask your barber for a skin fade. The harsh fade should disappear quite high up the sides of the head eventually blending in to about a number 3 before it is scissor cut to blend into the longer hair on the top. Make sure you tell your barber that there needs to be some length on the top, a couple of inches at least, it needs to be long enough to sit down when product is applied, otherwise it will stand up on its end and won’t weigh itself down – you don’t want the cheap and nasty spiky hair gel look here.

What Will You Need?

You will need three things. A brush or comb, a hairdryer and a couple of Hairbond products for maximum results.

After washing your newly fresh cut hair, whilst damp, apply a couple of squirts of Hairbond Wonder Primer into your hands. Then evenly distribute through the longer hair using your brush.

Now you’re protected from the heat, you’re ready for a blast from the blowdryer, but don’t get carried away, you don’t want it dry at all.. this is purely for shape and so your fringe can be straightened out. Keeping your hair damp in this point is the key. The Wonder Primer is an effective pre-styling product that will protect your hair whilst adding extra hold amongst a long list of other haircare benefits.

Now the foundations have been set, you’re ready to finish off with a finishing product .. it’s what we live for.

 This is where the Gripper Pomade comes in. Now it’s time to take a small fingers worth, coat your palms and start to apply from front to back. Your hair should begin to look coated and this is a signal it is ready to start combing into shape.

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