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Lautaro Martinez HaircutWith or without tramlines, the Lautaro Martinez haircut is one of the sharpest haircuts in football.

Martínez is a Colombian footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Internacional in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A league.

Lautaro Martinez is not just known for his cutting edge hair style, but has been widely known in the world of football since he was signed by Argentinian club, River Plate at age 12 before becoming one of Argentina’s most promising young players with his move to Banfield and then on to Brazilian side Grêmio where he scored 13 goals this season alone.

You cannot go wrong with the Lautaro Martinez haircut. Typically, without the additional lines which have been added at the end, this haircut is basically a skin fade which leaves a much longer length on top.

Styling the Lautaro Martinez haircut

To style the Lautaro Martinez haircut, you first need to make sure you can get the hair on top as straight as possible!

If you have a curly hair type consider pulling out the hair straighteners.

If you’re hair is naturally straight then you’re ready to go.

Because this hair style is so straight and full of volume, you want a light product like the Hairbond Super which will keep the hair in place but without looking like it’s held together with a sticky, high shine product.

The results from using the Super will look natural and you will get the most from the haircuts texture.

Styling with a higher shine product

If on the other hand you already have straight hair you can consider using a higher shine product for a different effect.

Consider the Hairbond Shaper to reflect more light, this would also be perfect for styling the Lautaro Martinez haircut.