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Since Peaky Blinders took over our screens in 2013, the Peaky Blinders haircut has always been a popular topic of discussion. In the barbering industry, the Peaky Blinders hair cut is commonly known as an undercut with a short back and sides.

Most barbers will also ask you if you want a skin fade, a haircut which starts off as just skin round the back and sides but gradually grows into the length on the top as the barber works steadily through their clipper grades. For a true Peaky Blinders haircut, a skin fade isn’t completely necessary.

Whilst getting a skin fade you can tell the barber how you would like the fading to stop. You have a choice. You can either ask them for the undercut, which is where the blending suddenly stops when it meets the hair on top, or you can choose for them to blend the shorter hair in to the hair on top more gradually.

Why do the Peaky Blinders choose this style?

The Peaky Blinders haircut is really about fashion and style repeating itself in 2021, in respect of the working class man. However back in the 1920’s this haircut was designed for gangs.

With a clean, short back and sides and a short style on the top meant very little maintenance and it also meant you had the best chances of winning when put to the test in a fight against a rival gang. With less to grab and your hair out of your eyes, Peaky Blinders made sure they had an upper hand advantage.

What styling products do you use for the Peaky Blinders style?

It completely depends on your hair type. If you have hair that can suit the Tommy Shelby haircut you will want a low shine, matte product for your undercut hairstyle. For this consider the Hairbond Super. Here’s a guide to styling your hair like more of the popular Peaky Blinders characters. If you’re someone who wants to style their hair like Tommy Shelby himself – using the world’s best Hairbond products then you’ve come to the right place.