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A short back and sides haircut is a timeless classic but let’s answer some FAQ’s.

How short is a short back and sides?

The beauty of a short back and sides haircut is that you can go as short as you like. Depending on your hair type and face/head shape, you will be able to work out what short length looks best on you.

Whether you decide to go for an extreme skin fade haircut taking the hair right down to skin, or whether you choose a longer length for your back and sides, you have to pick a length that’s right for you.

For example, those with thick and curly hair will usually prefer to go as short as possible as longer lengths round the neck and ears can look out of control and untidy.

Those with thinner or straighter hair may prefer to keep the back and sides short but not short enough to lose the natural density. For example, some people want it short round the back and sides but don’t want it cut with clippers. A scissor cut will do just fine, check out the Tom Holland haircut if this sounds like your style.

It’s first best to determine yourself at what the maximum length your hair can grow to, before it starts to look fluffy/messy/overgrown.

Short back and sides long on top

Whilst this haircut requires your own analysis of what you think is classed as “short” round the back and sides, you also want to figure out what length you would like on top. Just asking for a short back and sides long on top is just begging the barber to ask, “how short and how long?”. Try to learn the lengths of your barber’s clipper guards. Asking for a number 2 back and sides and a number 4 on top, will seriously help your barber understand what lengths you have in mind.

Will this haircut suit me?

Due to the diverse scale on how short this haircut can actually be, it’s more than likely you will be able to pull off a short back and sides haircut.

Some of the most popular mens hairstyles out there are short back and sides haircuts. The secret is working out what lengths will suit you the most.

If in any doubt, we advise that you find a second opinion from a professional barber or hairdresser.

They will be able to recommend the lengths most suited to your hairtype, face shape, head size to make sure you walk out looking your best.

Do you need styling products for a short back and sides?

short back and sides

No matter how short the back and sides are, to keep your haircut in the best condition we recommend taking advantage of some of the benefits products offer, in order to keep you looking your sharpest.

You’ve decided to go for a short back and sides haircut, but now you need to decide what you’re going to do with the top. Styling a short back and sides requires less maintenance as the hair on top is cut shorter.

If you decide you’re hair is at a length of which it will look better under control you should start to look at products.

The two main factors to consider are what hold and shine levels will be best for you. Low shine, low hold will likely suit those with longer straighter hair types. Thicker and dryer hair types may prefer a high shine product with a stronger hold.

Again, finding a balance is key and you will notice all Hairbond products have set hold strengths and different levels of shine and texture.