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The Perfect Skin Fade | Hairbond

The perfect skin fade goes almost right to the bone and gradually blends freshly shaved hair (skin) neatly into the longer lengths of the hair on top.

Best product for a skin fade

More often than not, most guys get a skin fade because it looks sharp and is low maintainance. Yes you do have to keep on top of haircuts if you want to look your freshest, but skin fades make life easier day to day. Styling a skin fade, you can pick any type of product to finish your look, but we noticed a huge interest in the Hairbond Moulder from guys with skin fades who want to keep their top looking volumous and natural.

In the world of barbering and hairdressing, a fade is regarded as a highly skilled practice and most barbershops and hair salons will charge extra for this time consuming and more detailed service.

Fades have stood the test of time but become more popular over the last few years because the levels of which barbers have raised their game has also increased – meaning more barbers offer this service now than before.

The key to a great skin fade is understanding the lines the barber will work to when blending your hair in. Every different head shape suits different lines, creating what we call regular, low and high fades.

Choosing A Fade

skin fade

A regular fade gradually transitions from skin to the top of the hair but all the blending action takes place around the midway point between the top of your ear and the corner of your head. The example to the left demonstrates a classic mid/regular fade.

High fades lifts the fade line so that most the back and sides are skin and the transition is quick and higher up towards the crown and corners of the head.

A low fade begins a lot lower down meaning theres less skin on show and the blend starts sooner.

Which Skin Fade Is Best For You?

Professional barbers will be able to advise which skin fade is best for you. They will take into account your hair type, your head shape, your face shape and the way you want to style it into account. Based on these factors they will be able to give you the most suitable fade.

Styling A Skin Fade Haircut

At Hairbond we are product to have the best product formulations and all of them add value to fade haircuts. The secret is not in the actual haircut, but it’s actually all about the hair type and your desired style.

Knowing what your hair needs in hold is one factor, but it’s just as important to know how much shine your hair needs to look its best.

Not sure which Hairbond is for you?

Feel free to contact us, checkout some of our blogs for celebrity fade inspiration ( e.g Tom Hardy ) or visit your nearest Hairbond stockist for a consultation.