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Bruno Fernandes Fryzura | Hairbond

Znalezienie idealnej fryzury dla Twojego typu włosów jest trudnym zadaniem? Dziś po inspirację sięgniemy po fryzurę Bruno Fernandesa.

Bruno Fernandes is the Portuguese, Manchester United midfielder. Over the years his hair has somewhat stayed the same, however depending on the length, or what products he uses (if any) changes the hair’s texture and overall look. When on top form and freshly cut, the Bruno Fernandes haircut is one of the sharpest in the Premier League.

Fryzura Bruno Fernandesa u fryzjera

Ask your barber for a high skin fade if you want your Bruno Fernandes inspired haircut super sharp. For the full BF look, ask your barber to find your natural parting and push the hair over to one side. Then, with a razor or the edge of the clippers ask them to accentuate the parting by cutting the hair down to skin all the way along the parting about 3/4 the way down the side of your hair. This will create a line which naturally parts your hair making the styling process that bit easier.

Wspaniałą cechą tej fryzury jest to, że nawet po odrośnięciu, nadal może wyglądać całkiem przyzwoicie.

Wybór właściwego produktu

Wszyscy wiemy, jak ważne są dobre produkty do stylizacji, aby wyglądać jak najlepiej, ale większość produktów do włosów obciąża cienkie lub przerzedzone włosy i może sprawić, że będą one wyglądały na tłuste lub brudne już po kilku godzinach.

For the Bruno Fernandes style we recommend using the Hairbond Moulder as it makes you look great by working with your natural texture instead of against it. It adds volume and body without weighing down fine or thinning hair – plus there’s no sticky residue, it washes straight out and smells so fresh!

Hairbond Moulder is an all-in-one styling product that will give you the same hairstyle every time without having to spend hours trying new looks or using multiple products on your hair. All you have to do is wash and dry your hair as usual, apply some of our Moulder and go! You’ll look great with minimal effort from any angle! With this easy-to-use styling Shaper, which we also recommend using when creating Bruno Fernandes haircut, everyone can achieve a stylish cut without wasting their time on trial and error.