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Hairbond Shaper Toffee

hairbond shaper 100ml

The Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee is among the strongest hairstyling products on the market and is excellent for separation and keeping your hair exactly in place.



hairbond shaper 100 in hand


This amazing hair styling creamy hair shaper is all you need for shape and texture and it contains an addictively wonderful butterscotch toffee scent.

hairbond shaper up close and in hand

To use, rub a small amount of Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee between the palms to coat your hands. Make sure hair is dry before applying then style into any shape.


ward prowse : barber hand hairbond shaper


The thick, gooey toffee shaper paste achieves texture and definition while managing to also easily rinse out of the hair and it doesn’t leave a stubborn residue on the hands and fingers.

Use the Hairbond Shaper for that professional salon quality finish to your next hairstyle.