" Прически: секреты голливудских причесок

Секреты голливудских причесок


Between the weather conditions and through the day, the hair tends to suffer a lot and needs help to stay in good shape. But since having a healthy hair routine is not easy, we offer you a little guide that should be able to sharpen you on a few points. To get Hollywood hair you’re after, there are some essential tips we can discuss.


Результаты поиска изображений для мужчина моет волосы

Dust, pollution, wind, sun, perspiration, excess sebum, mites, the hair absorbs everything! So yes, you have to clean your hair , but not necessarily every day. The more we wash, the more it greases. Ideally, 2 to 3 shampoos per week is enough. But fine hair without volume may sometimes need more to regain suppleness.

And the choice of shampoo, is it important for Hollywood hair results?

This is the point on which we must be very vigilant. Choose a shampoo suitable for your hair type, but also for your scalp. Shine? Volume? Anti-hair loss ? Today, you are spoiled for choice in finding the shampoo that suits you. If thick hair can afford almost anything, fine hair and especially sensitive scalps will have to turn to softer shampoos. How to recognize them? Mild shampoos are generally formulated without ammonia, paraben, sulfate and silicone, with very moisturizing properties such as aloe vera, shea or olive oil.


Большинство мужчин не знают правильных жестов и обращаются с волосами чаще, чем делают им добро!

Deposit the shampoo on your hair, then with water, emulsify it by rubbing delicately. Then massage, and always with delicacy, your scalp to avoid unbalancing your hydrolipidic film and let your shampoo slide on your hair. This small massage in the shower will allow you to relax and activate the micro-circulation of your scalp, which will restore shine and suppleness to your hair, quite naturally!

Хорошо промойте волосы, да, не спешите ополаскивать их как можно более свежей водой, горячая вода разрушает ваши голливудские волосы.


As for the skin, the hair once cleaned, needs to rehydrate and be protected! To protect your hair, soften it, smooth it, tone it, you can apply a conditioner .

How to choose it? Always depending on the nature of your hair! Too dry? Too thin? Too thick ? Do not hesitate to take a men’s conditioner which will amplify the actions of your shampoo, the results will only be more convincing!


If you want to keep hair healthy, it is strongly advised to do it once a month! Shampoo + conditioner in 10 min flat, in the shower, ok, but take 1 hour of your time, once a month, for a deep conditioning treatment and you will immediately see the difference. 

Cleanse your scalp with a delicacy. Use a scalp scrub which will remove impurities and remove dead skin, enough to get rid of dandruff, effectively fight against excess sebum and even promote hair growth. This exfoliation must be gentle, because its purpose is to ventilate the scalp and not to irritate it.

Unquestionably, after the exfoliation, you hydrate, soothe, nourish! This is where the hair mask comes in. Choose a nourishing, hydrating, rebalancing or even toning mask. Apply generously from root to tip, and feel free to wrap your hair in a towel. The heat will intensify the properties of your mask. Leave on for an hour, two hours, a whole night depending on your needs and availability… and rinse off!

Your hair is constantly attacked, whether by pollution, what you eat or by human hair color . This is why it is essential to take care of it daily.

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