Jack Grealish Saç Kesimi | Saç Modeli

Jack Grealish Saç Kesimi | Saç Modeli

The Jack Grealish haircut has written many headlines over the years.

Let’s see how you can recreate the ballsy Grealish haircut and hairstyle for yourself after using our exquisite, best-selling Hairbond Toffee. 

What Hair Wax Does Jack Grealish Use?

jack grealish hair wax
Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee

In a Sky Sports interview, Jack Grealish explains he uses Hairbond wax.

Hairbond is the professional hair care company from the UK..

A healthy styling alternative to hair gel and other styling products you find that are made with petrochemicals, silicone, sulfates and parabens.

The formula is pH neutral so there are no harsh ingredients to scalp itch or cause breakage.

Hairbond products were founded by Scott Michaels back in 2008.

Grealish for England

Grealish was very proud to have taken the number 7 shirt for the EURO 2020 tournament and impressed us with his flair on the ball and his grown out hairstyle.

On 5 August 2021, Manchester City broadcasted that they had signed Grealish from Aston Villa on a six-year contract  It was reported by the football press that the transfer fee was for the amount of £100 million, which is the most expensive transfer of an English player ever. 

Jack ve günümüzün en iyi Premier League futbolcularından herhangi biri hakkında bilinmesi gereken bir şey varsa, hepsi kendi bireysel marka imajının farkında ve bilinçli olmak zorundalar ve bu seçtikleri saç kesimini ve saç stillerini içeriyor.

Since this classic Jack Grealish haircut went somewhat viral (long on top/ with the headband etc), more recently Grealish has had his haircut where it is shorter than ever on top!

Fans opinions are split. Some are devistated..

Whether you’re a lover or a hater of the new look, Hairbond Shaper is always the product of choice.

Whether it’s a stunt for publicity, or a change of image, football will always be full of “out the box” hairstyling.

Take Manchester City and England’s Phil Foden’s Euro 2020 hairstyle for example.

jack grealish saç kesimi

From designer, hand made suits, expensive watches to modified top of the range – sports cars, the world’s best footballers will only use and associate themselves with the stand out finer things in life and that doesn’t stop when it comes to hair styling products.

This makes Hairbond one of the most sought after high-performance hair product brands in the world.

jack grealish hair

As the proud #1 hair styling brand for Professional Footballers, Hairbond United Kingdom has been supplying some of the world’s best football players around the globe for now over a decade. We are proud to have collected so many endorsements and continue to be supported by celebrities and Premier League footballers including England national players of the past Michael Owen, Phil Jones, Fraser Forster, Jamie Vardy, more recently Jordan Pickford, Harry Winks, James Ward-Prowse and as we move into the future, we’re racking up more support from the next generation, rising stars such as Joe Bursik (England/Stoke U21 GK), the Scotland and Chelsea starlet Billy Gilmour and a whole host of other promising talents.

jack grealish hair

Diğer büyük saç şekillendirme markaları bütçeler üzerinde çalışırken ve maliyetleri en aza indirmeye ve karı en üst düzeye çıkarmaya çalışırken, Hairbond ürünleri maliyeti ne olursa olsun sadece en iyi malzemeler ve formülasyonlarla yapılır.

Hairbond Shaper zengin bir butterscotch toffee kokusuna sahiptir, güçlü tutma, su bazlı, paraben ve sülfat içermez ve İngiltere'de küçük gruplar halinde üretilir.

Ask your barber for that classic Jack Grealish haircut

jack grealish hair wax

Saçınızı üstte yeterli uzunlukta uzatınızı varsayarsak, (yaklaşık 5 ila 6 inç) berberinizden bu uzunluğu korumasını ve sırtında ve yanlarında 1 numara olan bir alt kesim yapmasını isteyin.

Şüpheniz varsa, berberinize bir resim gösterin. Her zaman gönül rahatlığı için yardımcı olur. Daha sonra stil için, yeni kesilmiş Jack Grealish saç kesiminizi bitirmek için Hairbond Shaper Toffee'yi kullanın.

Otantik Jack Grealish saç stili için gitmek istiyorsanız, Hairbond Shaper Profesyonel Saç Toffee bir zorunluluktur.

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