" Andrea Carboni "These are fire!"| Hairbond -

Andrea Carboni “These are fire!”| Hairbond

It was great to see the young Italy U21 and Serie A (club Monza) star pictured with his favourite Hairbond Shaper, Wonder and Distorter products.Andrea Carboni

The Italian professional defender Andrea Carboni is the first professional Italian footballer to promote Hairbond products. We asked him which one was his favourite: 

“These are fire! I love the Hairbond Distorter for when i’m not on the pitch, but the Hairbond Shaper is perfect for games.”

At just 21 years old, Carboni looks full of potential when it comes to looking at a future World Cup Italy squad.

Andrea is just one of the players showing support for the Hairbond brand.

Hairbond endorsements began back in 2014 with Liverpool / Belgium Goalkeeper Simon Mignolet and have since spread across European footballers like wild fire.