Daryl Birkby joins Hairbond Tribe Artistic Agents - THE BEST HAIR PRODUCTS

Daryl Birkby joins Hairbond Tribe Artistic Agents

We are delighted to welcome award winning barber Daryl Birkby to the Hairbond Tribe Artistic Agents. The just turned 30 year old entrepreneur, both owner and senior master barber is looking forward to celebrating his 8th year at  Prestige Salon and Barbers, which has situated in the heart of the north western city of Lancaster, Lancashire, UK since July 2012.

Daryl Birkby has been recognized for his quality hair cuts, premium service and reviews with a 5 star customer experience. It’s true that Prestige pride themselves not just on great hair and beauty treatments but also on their excelled customer service and attentive care.  At just 17 years old, Daryl kicked off his career with a big move into hairdressing before he made a transition into the world of barbering a few years later. Whilst working with ladies, he trained and specialised in fine scissor work, a unique hairdressing skill which eventually he brought to enhance his traditional barbering techniques, making him an expert in both clippers and scissors.

Now in his 13th year of cutting hair, whilst in the chair you can ask Daryl for anything, whether it’s a 2019 skin fade, crew cut, a trendy shape up or something more out of the box, guaranteed you will walk out with a new confidence. Daryl told us that his team is focused on one thing and that’s making the customer experience as near to perfect as possible.

We discovered trips to Prestige are of refined masculinity for a gentleman to relax with a beer, whiskey or coffee, in the excellent company of Daryl and his team of master barbers while using the best products like Hairbond Their team of barbers will always ensure gentlemen feel welcome and relaxed.


Prestige’s clientele covers a wide demographic from model clients, to local elite athletes including Man United footballer Scott McTominay, to professional bloggers and well established regulars, and everyone receives the same unrivaled service at Prestige.

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