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TOP 5 梅西的发型选择






Before most of the world knew who he was, as a teenager Messi was always known for his extra long locks and his incredible full head of hair. Aside from his world-class talent, this pre-fame haircut went to become one of the most recogniseable features for the footballer who had already been diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. Frequently wash and condition with Hairbond Wonder Primer Spray to maintain and give off a healthy shine.



当你说到 "梅西的头发 "时,每个人都会想到这款经典的梅西发型。请你的理发师增加你头发的动感,同时减少体积,用顶部较长的长度创造形状,这样你也能适合这种经典的长层次发型。





Skinfades have certainly been the most popular haircut to come out of 2021. This lightweight haircut leaves enough length on top to style but takes the back and sides down to almost the bone! This summer style is one of the cooler ones in more ways than one. Tame that fluffy head with some Hairbond Gripper Pomade.


If you’re an global footballing superstar, you win lots of awards and need to keep things respectable for the history books. The combover pomp is made up of a combination of three ingredients. A tidy short (not too short) length round the back and sides, a one way sidewards direction for the hair on the top and finally the all important volume from the front. For results like these look no further than the Hairbond Shaper.