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As Gilmour kindly demonstrates, this popular mens modern mid/low fade haircut can be finished off with our  Mattifier Professional Hair Cement. (Which has now been replaced in our range with the NEW Hairbond Super Professional Hair Fibre – stronger hold, more matte!)

With a strong hold and reworkable formulation the Hairbond Super is perfect for any high performance athlete at the top of their game.

If in doubt, ask your barber for a skin fade and show them a photo of Billy Gilmour so they can understand exactly what you’re asking for. Although be aware, that if your head shape or hair type means that your barber will struggle to recreate the Billy Gilmour style, they will most likely tell you there and then.

Gilmour joins a huge list of top level footballers to promote the Hairbond brand. Amongst fellow Scottish International footballer Grant Hanley, Hairbond products have also have been supported by England footballers Jack Grealish, Jordan Pickford, James Ward-Prowse, Harry Winks and Jamie Vardy.

Billy Gilmour hair