Sam Callahan X Factor | Hairbond

Sam Callahan
山姆举起他的Hairbond Moulder专业塑发器

24岁的歌手Sam Callahan在2013年进入了《XFactor》的决赛,现在正在发布他自己的原创音乐,但据说他在社交媒体上宣传他最喜欢的Hairbond产品。

After his time on the XFactor he is spotted showing the world his favourite Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper via his twitter account.

萨姆是一个来自埃塞克斯的前酒吧老板,他与The Wanted的Nathan Sykes一起参加了Sylvia Young戏剧学校。

Sam Callahan
萨姆在宣传他的单曲 "Stitches and Scars"。

Before he auditioned for The XFactor, Sam Callahan was part of mixed-gender group managed by Geri Halliwell, before leaving in June 2011 to go solo.

然后他在2012年12月发布了他的首支单曲《失控的火车》。卡拉汉在苏格兰的演出中支持X因素乐队District3和Union J。


Check out Sam’s Youtube channel and his song “Stitches and Scars Promotional” video here