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Freddie Flintoff Haircut | Hairbond

The Freddie Flintoff haircut has adapted in recent years. Here we look at what it takes to recreate today’s Freddie Flintoff hair style.

Freddie generated his International fame as a top boxer and England cricketer however the now BBC Top Gear presenter is also highly regarded as one of the UK’s hair and fashion celebrity icons.

Rumours and gossip about the 43-year old’s hairstyle and fashion choices are still often featured in the national tabloids.

Back in the earlier years of the new Millenium, Hairbond brought their first-ever hair styling product to market, the Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper. Today Moulder has been replaced by the new and improved formula of Hairbond Super Professional Hair Fibre.

Freddie Flintoff haircut

Since then Freddie retired from his “couldn’t care less about hairstyling” cricketing career and entered the world of television where you can tell he’s nicely adapted to the world of male grooming.

Styling The Freddie Flintoff Haircut

The Hairbond Super is a strong, pliable hair fibre which you get a wax effect from, but without a greasy look. This product gives you natural results on a nicely cut Freddie Flintoff haircut but with a professional matte effect.

Hairbond products have been stocked in Manchester’s Famous Henry barbershops for years now, a popular hot spot for some of the Northern celebrities like Freddie.

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