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Ever since the Mad Men series, the Jon Hamm hair styles have helped inspire guys all over the planet for what they want their next haircut to look like.

Up there with the likes of Tom Holland, Jack Grealish, Tommy Shelby , a Jon Hamm hair do is high on the list for most inspiring medium length haircuts. The secret? Never go too short round the back and sides and always use quality products.


Always use a pre-styler like the Hairbond Wonder Professional Hair Primer. Whilst the hair is damp after washing, pump a few squirts into the hand and apply all over. Evenly distribute with a brush or comb, then either let it dry naturally or heat style your hair into place for styling.

It seems that there is no end in sight for the Jon Hamm hair trend because it just keeps growing – these days you can’t scroll through your timeline without seeing another picture of someone with a modern-day version of one of Jon Hamm’s signature cuts!

The new Jon Hamm style features a side part with an undercut on the top of his head which was styled up in front. The look may be hard to get right at home so this might just be something you’ll need to visit your barber for then it’s up to you to do the styling.

Jon Hamm hair styling

Which is your favorite Jon Hamm Haircut?

When it comes to Hollywood‘s leading men, one of the most recognizable features is a flawless head of hair. To get these results, you need quality products. This is where we introduce you to Hairbond products if you don’t know them already.

Choosing the right product for your hair type is key. Everybody gets something different out of a hair product.

First choose if you want a high shine/wet result or whether you want a dry/natural finish. Understanding your hair and haircut and how it behaves will make this decision easy. We can see Hamm changes is up depending on how he feels that day or his hair length could even play a part in the decision making.

Once you know how much shine you want, decide on how much hold you need and what you want other benefits you want from the product.

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