" Tony Jeffries | Hairbond Commercial -

Tony Jeffries | Hairbond Commercial

Tony Jeffries

English former professional undefeated boxer and olympic bronze medalist Tony Jeffries collaborated with Hairbond at his world famous @boxnburn fitness and boxing gym.

“Every one has their escape, some climb mountains, some jump out of planes, some people just close their eyes, this is what i do..”

The Tony Jeffries preffered product as featured in the video was the Hairbond Moulder.

“I guess you could say we have a natural bond”

This Hairbond gentlemen commercial was produced by @gansmedia

Tony Jeffries Box N Burn

Tony Jeffries

Tony’s gym business Box N Burn is claimed to be the USA’s most popular and desired 60-minute fitness classes of REAL boxing technique with 1-on-1 mitt and bag work, combined with functional fitness exercises.

Every class is taught by world class trainers and it is claimed each class can burn 800+ calories!

With the best boxing and fitness equipment, the BNB gyms can be found in two US locations.

Go visit Tony for a masterclass in boxing, or if you’d like to stick around for more Hairbond endorsements, check out the start of our blog

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