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Federico Chiesa | Hairbond

Son of Enrico Chiesa, Federico Chiesa is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a winger for Serie A club Juventus and the Italy national team.

The traditional Federico Chiesa hairstyle is a medium length, naturally styled haircut, somewhat popular in Italy and across Europe. But depending on what kind of finish and styling you desire will determine which Hairbond product you will want to use.

Federico ChiesaIt would seem in game time, Chiesa likes to use a higher gloss, likely stronger holding product which can keep every hair in place and hold up a quiff. For this look we would recommend the Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee.

Whilst enjoying time off the pitch, we would suggest using a medium hold, natural styler like the Hairbond Distorter Professional Hair Clay.

These two great Hairbond products were endorsed by fellow Italian International footballer Andrea Carboni