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Jack Grealish Haircut | Hairbond

jack grealish haircut

The Jack Grealish haircut has written many headlines over the years. Let’s see how you can recreate the ballsy Grealish haircut and hairstyle for yourself after using our exquisite, best-selling Hairbond Toffee

What Hair Products Does Jack Grealish Use?

The latest is that Jack Grealish is proud to have taken the number 7 shirt for the EURO 2020 tournament. Outside of the England squad, it seems like Grealish is due to devote himself to Aston Villa for at least another few years despite rumours about a move to Manchester City.

If there’s one thing to know about the Aston Villa Captain and any of today’s top Premier League football players for that matter, they are all aware and have to be conscious of their own individual brand image, and this includes their chosen haircut and hairstyle.

Whether it’s a stunt for publicity, or a change of image, football will always be full of “out the box” hairstyling. Take Manchester City and England’s Phil Foden’s latest hairstyle for example.

jack grealish haircut


From designer, hand made suits, expensive watches to modified top of the range – sports cars, the world’s best footballers will only use and associate themselves with the stand out finer things in life and that doesn’t stop when it comes to hair styling products. This makes Hairbond one of the most sought after high-performance hair product brands in the world.

As the proud #1 hair styling brand for Professional Footballers, Hairbond United Kingdom has been supplying some of the world’s best football players around the globe for now over a decade.



We are proud to have been supported by Premier League footballers including other England national players like Michael Owen, Phil Jones, Jordan Pickford, Harry Winks, James Ward-Prowse, Fraser Forster and many more not forgetting Jamie Vardy of course.

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Whilst other major hair styling brands work on budgets and look to minimise costs and maximise profits, Hairbond products are made with only the best ingredients and formulations, whatever the cost.

Jack Grealish hair product






The Hairbond Shaper has a rich butterscotch toffee fragrance, is strong holding, water-based, paraben and sulphate free and manufactured in small batches in the UK.



Ask your barber for the Jack Grealish haircut


Assuming you’ve grown your hair out with enough length on top, (approximately 5 to 6 inches) ask your barber to keep this length and for an undercut with a number 1 on the back and sides.

If in doubt, show a picture to your barber. It always helps for peace of mind. Then to style, use the Hairbond Shaper Toffee to finish off your freshly trimmed Jack Grealish haircut.

If you want to go for the authentic Jack Grealish hair style then the Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee is a must-have.


Erling Braut Haaland Haircut | Hairbond

haaland hair with hairbond shaper hairbond gripper

In December 2019, the Norweigan International striker who was interestingly actually born in Leeds UK, Erling Braut Haaland signed for Borussia Dortmund for somewhat in the region of 20 million Euros. Here we look at the Haaland haircut and what product you can use to get the authentic Haaland hairstyle.

When you’re worth in excess of 20 million Euros to your club, as a top-performing professional footballer, it’s no secret that you have to take care of your image as well as your body – and this includes hairstyling perfection.

Hairbond is the footballers product choice, a British footballer brand which has gained support from some of the best rated football players the Premier League including Michael Owen, Phil Jones, Jay Rodriguez, Lucas Leiva, Morgan Schneiderlin and more recently England International players James Ward-Prowse, Jamie Vardy, Jack Grealish, Harry Winks and more top Premier Leaugue goalkeepers such as Karl Darlow, Fraser Forster, David Raya and the England number one choice, Jordan Pickford.

Erling Braut Haaland Haircut

For your Erling Braut Haaland haircut, you need to visit to your barbers. The best advice is to show your barber some pictures of Haaland in action and then ask them if it’s possible to replicate the Haaland haircut and look, taking your own unique hair type into consideration. They will be looking for a finer, straight hair type.

If their answer is Yes, leave them to it, they have some work to do, make sure they don’t forget to accentuate the “hard part” on your left-hand side.

We now just need to see what products will give you this classic, side parting, as selecting the right type of product for Haaland type results is key.

Image result for haaland

Hairbond United Kingdom actually has two serious contenders to achieve the well known Haaland finish. The choice is completely up to you but first ask yourself:

“How slick would I really like to go?”

If you decide you would like to go super slick and style your Haaland haircut hard, with a nice shine; then look no further than the Hairbond Gripper Professional Hair Pomade.

Image result for haaland

If you decide that this super slick dynamic finish is too much slick for you then perhaps you’re looking for more control over a softer finish, still remaining that high hold all-day strength, but instead with a slightly softer texture.

If this sounds better then the Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee is the one for you. See below:

Image result for haaland

Which ever product you decide to go for, you can’t go wrong. You can try using different amounts of product to achieve different final textured results.

Always start with very small amounts when using quality Hairbond products, as the brand is well known for the product’s ability.

As they say, a little goes a long way.

Just remember you can always add more applications to secure your desired finish if necessary, but you can’t take it back and put it back in the pot once you have applied to the hair.

So what are you waiting for? Try the Haarland hair style today with Hairbond!

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Lionel Messi Haircut | Hairbond

TOP 5 Lionel Messi Haircut Options

Here we concentrate on bringing you the top five Lionel Messi haircut options which you can take inspiration from, in order for you to style your hair like one of the world’s best ever footballers.

Hairbond has the privilege to be supported and endorsed by some of the world’s best footballing talent. Included in the long list of world footballers, we are also proudly supported by our very own national team, players including England’s Michael Owen, Phil Jones, Jack Grealish, Jordan Pickford, Harry Winks, James Ward-Prowse, Fraser Forster and many more not forgetting Jamie Vardy of course.. 


lionel messi haircut

1. Full Head Messi Haircut

Before most of the world knew who he was, as a teenager Messi was always known for his extra long locks and his incredible full head of hair. Aside from his world-class talent, this pre-fame haircut went to become one of the most recogniseable features for the footballer who had already been diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. Frequently wash and condition with Hairbond Wonder Primer Spray to maintain and give off a healthy shine.

2. The Classic Lionel Messi Haircut

This is the classic Lionel Messi haircut everybody thinks of when you say “Lionel Messi hair”. Ask your barber to increase the movement in your hair whilst reducing bulk and creating shape with longer lengths on the top, so you can also suit this classic longer-layered haircut.

Barcelona’s all time top goalscorer is not afraid to explore away from longer styles when it comes to that time visiting the barbers, next up we see something a little more contemporary.

3. Skinfade Lionel Messi Haircut

Skinfades have certainly been the most popular haircut to come out of 2021. This lightweight haircut leaves enough length on top to style but takes the back and sides down to almost the bone! This summer style is one of the cooler ones in more ways than one. Tame that fluffy head with some Hairbond Gripper Pomade.

4. Combover Messi Pomp

If you’re an global footballing superstar, you win lots of awards and need to keep things respectable for the history books. The combover pomp is made up of a combination of three ingredients. A tidy short (not too short) length round the back and sides, a one way sidewards direction for the hair on the top and finally the all important volume from the front. For results like these look no further than the Hairbond Shaper.

5. Boyband Blonde Messi Haircut

lionel messi haircut

Louis Tomlinson Haircut | Hairbond

“Louis Tomlinson haircut” is an incredibly popular search in online search engines. As an original “One Direction” member, there’s lots of fans who are just crazy about the Louis Tomlinson hair do and everything it represents!

In such a competitive market of young models, singers and actors, up against the likes of Tom Holland, Cole Sprouse, Justin Bieber, Robert Pattinson and now of course ex-1D partner Harry Styles , Louis’s haircut is always going to be an exciting and remarkable source of inspiration for those who need a new trendy and cool haircut.

Styling the Louis Tomlinson Haircut

Louis has straight hair that can be combed to the sides, backward, forward with a twist to one of the sides, spike upwards, or a quiff!

louis tomlinson smut | Tumblr

In all cases, Louis usually has his hair in different layers to make his hair voluminous and thick. In addition, Louis often alternates between having messy or neat hairstyles, but mostly he makes you feel that his hair has a free style.

Regarding the color, Louis’s natural hair color can be considered dirty blonde or light brown, and he once dyed it red for Comic Relief. Choosing your most convenient hairstyle depends mainly on your preference.

For example, if you are a guy who wants to cover his forehead, then one of the hairstyles in which Louis has his hair combed to the sides in a manner that covers his full forehead will be perfect for you, and vice versa. Just check out the whole collection and find your best new haircut!!

Since One Direction’s 2016 breakup, indefinite hiatus, disbanding, or whatever you want to call it still has us emotional four years later. One of the top boy bands of the 2010s defined so many good times for all of us Directioners. We miss them.


For the greatest Louis Tomplinson hair results, we recommend using small amounts of the Shaper Professional Hair Toffee. Designed to provide a strong hold, the strongest hold in the Hairbond range. Hairbond Shaper Toffee boasts an amazing fragrance of Vanilla Butterscotch Toffee that will have you attracting attention wherever you go.

We know Louis likes his football and this best selling hair styling agent stands up in the battle against high-intensity workouts and sports matches which makes it the product of choice for professional footballers including Michael Owen, Phil Jones, Jay Rodriguez, Lucas Leiva, Morgan Schneiderlin and more recently England International players James Ward-Prowse, Jamie Vardy, Jack Grealish, Harry Winks and more top goalkeepers such as Karl Darlow, Fraser Forster, David Raya and the England number one choice goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford.

Jennifer Lawrence Haircut | Hairbond

jennifer lawrence hair with hairbond wonder and sea salt spray

If there’s one person who knows how to chop and change her hairstyles it’s not Kristine Froseth, it’s the one and only American actress Jennifer Lawrence. Here we are going to look at the essential tools you will need to be able to create some of the best iconic Jennifer Lawrence haircut styles for yourself at home.

Choosing the right products is key when it comes to deciding on a particular Jennifer Lawrence hair do. You always need maximum control over the hair in order to achieve any likeness in texture and final results.

jennifier lawrence hair styling

First lets take a look at the new Hairbond Wonder Professional Hair Primer which is a leave-in spray with seven important benefits for your hair, which we recommend you use straight after washing to start off any Jennifer Lawrence inspired look or Sophie Turner for that matter.

Your hair will feel very soft and conditioned and ultimately give you that added control needed to style any Jennifier Lawrence hair style.

The seven benefits of the Hairbond Wonder Primer Spray are:

1. It detangles
2. Helps to restore split ends
3. Repairs dry and damaged hair
4. Reduces frizzy har
5. Prolongs the life of hair color
6. Offers heat protection
7. Enhances shine and softness of your hair

How to use:
Apply the Hairbond Wonder Professional Hair Primer Spray in clean hair and comb it through. Use a blow dryer afterward for a more precise and accurate finish or style your hair with a brush or comb when naturally dried like you always do.

If you rather seek the beach effect after your Jennifer Lawrence haircut, or just want those long volumizing JL waves, apply a few squirts of the Hairbond Texturiser Sea Salt Spray while the hair is still damp. Either style as desired with heat appliances, or just scrunch to enhance curls and leave to dry naturally.

jennifer lawrence hair sea salt spray

One of the many benefits of a trip abroad to a sun-soaked sandy shore is the impressive appearance your hair gains from spending a day splashing about in the sea.
The Hairbond Texturiser Professional Sea Salt Spray has been designed to replicate the disheveled and ultra-fashionable appearance that previously required a visit to the beach to gain; providing body and impressive texture with just one application. Excelling in all hair types regardless of gender, the spray is suitable for the summer thanks to its long-term inbuilt protection against UV damage.
Shake Hairbond Texturiser Professional Sea Salt Spray well before use and spray over towel-dried hair. Beginning at the roots, apply through to lengths and ends for texture and scrunch to enhance curls.
Why it Works:
Hairbond Texturiser Professional Sea Salt Spray is a styling success thanks to carefully selected Copolymers which instill texture into hair and retain your new look throughout the day. The UV protection within the spray also contributes to its retention of your newly sexed up, texturized appearance in the healthiest manner possible.
What are you waiting for? Add these amazing Hairbond sprays to your styling inventory today and why not get some for the hubby whilst you’re at it.