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Johnny Depp | Hairbond

Celebrity Hairstyling With Dean Banowetz, the Hollywood Hair Guy!

“If you want Johnny Depp hair you’ll need two products in your arsenal, first the Hairbond Wonder Primer Spray 120ml. Second, the Hairbond Gripper Professional Hair Pomade.

As an expert in Hairbond products, I’m here to walk you through the steps to achieve that classic, suave look, but warning this hairstyle is not for everybody. 

Before we begin, it’s important to note that the Jonny Depp hair style has changed over the years, but we are covering the most popular style he is best know for. If you decide to grow your hair out to the right length, you can have some fun with it.”

Step 1: Prep Your Hair

“Start by washing your hair thoroughly with a good shampoo and conditioner. Then, towel dry your hair until it’s slightly damp. It’s important to work with damp hair, as it will help the products to distribute evenly and hold your style better whilst you pre-style.”

Step 2: Apply the Hairbond Wonder Primer Spray

“Spray a small amount of the Hairbond Wonder Professional Hair Primer into your palms. Rub your hands together until the product is evenly distributed. Then, starting from the back of your head, apply to your hair using your fingertips. It’s up to you at this stage if you want to use a comb to really cover every strand.”

Step 3: Style Your Hair with Hairbond Gripper Pomade

“Now your hair is still damp but covered in primer, you have a choice to make, depending on whether you’re wanting dry results, or happy to keep the shine level high. The iconic Johnny Depp style is somewhere in-between wet and dry. So I would recommend part drying some of your hair with a hair-dryer. Then when you have the right level of shine left in your hair, take a scoop of the Hairbond Gripper and spread across your palms and apply through the front and working your way backwards. 

TIP: A middle parting is a great idea for any Johnny Depp look, so use the product to manipulate this medium/long length hair style and keep hair off the middle of your forehead”.