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Leonardo DiCaprio Haircut | Hairbond

The date night to end all date nights, Valentine’s Day has reared its head again, which means you’re probably thinking about how to look a million dollars when you head out for dinner.

Chances are, you’re probably also thinking about your grooming: there’s no greater lubricant for romance, after all, than looking and fereling your best.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, however, let us direct you to the man who has mastered both with a Leonardo DiCaprio haircut and hairstyle.

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Ever the ultimate gent, DiCaprio’s look for the Oscars earlier this week was, well, pure DiCaprio. A single-breasted tux, white dinner shirt and sharp bow tie was the perfect outfit, finished off with his slicked-back, side-parted hairstyle.

We wouldn’t mind re-creating that dapper grooming, so, to look top notch this Valentine’s Day, we called up one of our favourite barbers in Newcastle, UK, Patrick Forster, and asked for his top tips on styling like Leonardo for date night.

Newcastle’s finest barber Patrick Forster said,

“I have to agree with you here: the sophisticated, swept-back style sported by DiCaprio at this week’s Oscars ceremony was pretty timeless and elegant.”

Once upon a time in 1990s Hollywood, the actor adopted this dapper-chap look for Titanic and he’s been the king of sleek ever since (special shoutout’s to The Wolf Of Wall Street and The Great Gatsby). He looks sharp, yes, but it’s actually pretty simple to achieve this heavenly hair style.

Ask Your Barber For The Leonardo DiCaprio Haircut

Ask your stylist to serve you with a scissor haircut, leaving length on the top and sides for that suave swept-back look. After this, you can re-create the styling at home with minimal effort.

Straight hair is a bonus here, but products will ensure you don’t make waves. Create a side parting and use Hairbond’s Gripper Professional Hair Pomade to maintain hold. Then take a wide-tooth comb. The aim is to shape and space your slick back, rather than finish with a full on super-sleek Cary Grant effect.

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If you don’t want to be a complete flop on Valentine’s night, make sure you dont forget to use a pre-styler product. The Hairbond Wonder Primer Spray is perfect: it will provide a light enough hold and smooth finish so your partner’s hand won’t get stuck when they caress your irresistibly flawless locks.