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Margot Robbie Haircut | Hairbond

What a lot of people like about Margot Robbie is that she’s very creative when it comes to the Margot Robbie haircut and associated styles. Margot Robbie is one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood right now and she appears in a lot of top tier movies.  She works with some of the best hair stylists in Hollywood and she mostly focuses on having long hair. With that in mind, she has so many hairstyles that it can be very hard to figure out which is the best. Here are some that she has used rather often.

Side Swept Loose Wavy Hair

The Side Swept Loose Wavy Hairstyle is common for Margot. You can get it by combing the middle head hair towards the right. The middle hair needs to join with the one on the side. And you will have to do the same for the fringe hair. You can get an amazing celebrity hairstyle this way. Just make sure that the hair on the left is combed straight, as it will push more focus towards the left side where you have wavy hair.

Sleek Blunt Cut Blonde Hair

This is another style she uses a lot. In order to get it, you obviously need to change the hair colour to blonde. Once you do that, you should have a partition on the middle head separating the fringe hair and middle head. You will need to com some of the hair section on the left after your ear, the rest should be straight and above the other hair layer. This is on the left side, on the right side you also comb the hair behind the ear. It’s a very simple hairstyle, and she has it in multiple movies.

Updo with Side Braids

This one is a favourite Margot Robbie hair style. She did have this in a few movies and it suits her really well. You will need to comb the middle hair and the fringe hair towards the back. Once you do that, the hair on the left side needs to be braided sideways. Also, the hair you have on the back of the head is tucked so it won’t appear at all if possible. If there are any traces of hair follicles, you can leave them hanging to get a really nice and fun look.

The Margot Robbie Haircut with Waves and Front Bangs

As the name suggests, this hairstyle is very interesting and a bit complex at times. You need to comb the side and then you will have to comb the side hair straight before you go with a wavy look. Fringe hair needs to be split into sections and after that, you comb it backwards to the hair in the middle. You will need to extend some of the fringe hair sections.

Margot Robbie is known for always changing hairstyles, and you will find her experimenting with this stuff quite often. But she is very open to trying out new things and that’s what really makes her a standout celebrity you can use for hair inspiration. Use these ideas and you will get to mimic her looks with ease!


Achieve Margot Robbie Haircut and Style

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