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Matthew Stafford Hair | Hairbond

Matthew Stafford is a professional American football quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Georgia, and was the first overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions. Stafford has been one of the most productive quarterbacks in the NFL throughout his career, holding multiple Lions franchise records. 

To achieve a hairstyle similar to Matthew Stafford, you can easily use hair care products from Hairbond.

The Hairbond brand offers a range of hair styling products that can help you achieve a variety of looks. The clay is a great product for creating a textured, messy look similar to Stafford’s hairstyle.

Additionally, the stronger holding Shaper Hair Toffee can be used to add definition and hold to your hair achieving slightly more shine than one of the matte products.

Prefer more shine? Using the Hairbond Gripper Pomade can also be applied to add shape and effect on dry course hair. To style, apply the product to dry hair, and use your fingers to create the desired shape for the Matthew Stafford look. 

It’s worth noting that hair care products can only do so much and that your hair type and structure might require different products or techniques to achieve the desired look.