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Jake Gyllenhaal Hair | Hairbond

Once you learn how to spell it, “Jake Gyllenhaal hair” is a popular search for male grooming inspiration. For those that don’t know, Jake Gyllenhaal’s opening pathway into the movie making industry was thanks to his father who was a movie director. By the age of 11, Jake started taking roles in his dad’s films.

Now at the prime age of 40, today’s audience will know him as Mysterio from the Spiderman Marvel movie along side Tom Holland. Jake Gyllenhaal haircuts and styles have somewhat differed over the years.

From short, medium to long lengths, we noticed, the longer the hair, the greater the beard!

Let’s take a look:

Jake Gyllenhaal Short Hair

Jake Gyllenhaal hair

This haircut could originally have been a buzzcut which has recently been tidied up round the back and sides. It’s not too short but the sides blend in well with the top. To style this shorter hairstyle we recommend using a matte product, for results like this Jake Gyllenhaal hair style we would go for the Hairbond Super.

Medium Length Hair

Jake Gyllenhaal hair

There’s short hair, then medium length hair, but then theres another stage you get to before we would call it a long hair style. This Jake Gyllenhaal hair style is exactly what we mean. For this hairstyle we want maximum control and a product that can slick it back with a level of shine. In most cases we would recommend the Hairbond Gripper, applying it do already damp hair. Depending on your hair type you might and the shine level you’re looking for, you may want to consider Hairbond Shaper as an alternative. What happens when this style gets longer..?



Gyllenhaal Long Hair

Some might say he’s ditched the hair products and gone natural, but we know better. To make sure you don’t look like a jungle rushed Tarzan with a longer hairstyle like this, use the Hairbond Wonder Primer. How you prepare your long hair after washing is essential for that nice clean style.

Also, something else to consider if you’re thinking of growing your hair out is Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair type. Jake’s hair in every example on this page is very straight. If you have a thicker, curlier hair type, you might find you have to put in little more effort to your hair maintainance and styling.