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tom hardy haircut

Hollywood actor Tom Hardy has taken over our screens since he made his debut in the Black Hawk Down movie back in 2001. Since then, over the past couple of decades, the Tom Hardy haircut has revolutionised new millenium style and fashion as we have seen a range of styles tailored to all the individual characters he plays. Whether Hardy impressed us with his performances in Batman or Peaky Blinders, Tom will always be remembered for his choice of hair and beard styles.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Tom Hardy haircuts we’ve seen over the past 20 years..


Tom Hardy Buzzcut

tom hardy haircut buzzcut

Looking for a low maintainance haircut which doesn’t take effort to style? This Tom Hardy haircut is the easiest to manage but you do have to keep on top of the cut! The buzzcut is a classic haircut and gives you time to focus on other elements to your style. Follow Hardy’s lead by growing out your beard or at least some fashionable stubble for the complete look. TIP: use a small amount of any Hairbond styling product to avoid the “tennis ball” head and keep barber visits frequent.


Tom Hardy Taboo

Tom Hardy Haircut taboo

Wanting Tom Hardy’s haircut from Taboo then ask your barber for a 0.5 or a zero on back and sides, with a heavy blend. This is a skinfade where you want to keep the top cropped. In true Tom Hardy fashion ask your barber to add plenty of texture so the top can be worn messy. Style with Hairbond Gripper Pomade for maximum shine and texture on top.



Tom Hardy Haircut undercut

Since the launch of Peaky Blinders, undercuts have become one of the most popular haircuts of choice. In Tom Hardy’s case, this undercut has a clear disconnect. The sides have not been blended in to the top section, so there is no gradual fade. This is a classic “slick it back” style and we recommend using the Hairbond Gripper Professional Hair Pomade for shine and hold.