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Messy Bed Head | Hairbond

This is a great hairstyle for showcasing length on top and showing off some natural texture in the hair. Below we will look at how you can get this messy bed head quiff hairstyle with Hairbond Super.

bed head

It starts with the haircut

To get the most from your bed head hairstyle, it’s important you get the right kind of haircut. This style is amazing for guys that want a relaxed easy to style haircut and it requires very little maintenance.

You’ll want to keep the hair short and neat on the back and sides, probably around an inch in length, getting shorter towards the bottom with a slight taper.

Around the ears and hairline should be left very natural, because you don’t want it to look manufactured. Remember bed head is supposed to look like you’ve just got straight out of bed. Whilst you want to keep it neat and sharp around the edges, you want the top loose.

The top is a messy bed head style with the hair worn off the face and up at the front. You want to keep plenty of length in the fringe, so that you have enough to play with. Gradually get shorter as you get towards the back of your head.

Get your barber to add lots of texture, because you want the hair broken up on the ends. Your barber might use techniques like point cutting, thinning scissors or a texture razor to do this. More importantly, lots of texture will help the hair to move in all different directions, and make it easier for you to just run your fingers through the hair throughout the day.

Styling the haircut

To style the messy bed head quiff hairstyle just simply follow the 6 easy steps below –

Step 1 – Towel dry the hair until damp, however make sure you pat dry and not rub too hard.

Step 2 – Use a tiny bit of the Barber supplies .. it’s what we live for.

A classy, premium range of products made and designed by barbers; for barbers. Whilst a go to British designer label for top barbershops, Hairbond Super while damp, this will give you an effortless, low maintenance look. Similarly you could also use a pre styler such as the Hairbond Wonder Professional Hair Primer for softer results.

Step – Work the product through damp hair from back to front. Spreading evenly throughout the hair.

Step 4 – Blow-dry the top and sides on a medium speed and high heat, scrunching your fingers through the hair to bring out the texture.

Step 5 – Dry the fringe using varying directions – from left to right, and front to back. Don’t just dry it one way if you’re going for an ultra messy look.

Step 6 – After that, finish your bed head with cold air from a distance to set in place and cool the product down. Optional – Finish with a tiny bit more Hairbond Super if you need additional styling support.


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