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Barry Keoghan | Hairbond

This week celebrity hairstyling guru Dean Banowetz discusses how you can style your very own Barry Keoghan hair style with Hairbond products.

“As the Hollywood Hair Guy, I recommend finishing this hairstyle using Hairbond’s “Distorter Professional Hair Clay” to achieve Barry Keoghan’s stand-out, thick sweep over, high fade hair cut. First, pre-style using Hairbond Wonder:

Step 1: Begin by washing and towel-drying your hair. Apply a small amount of “Wonder Primer Spray” to your fingertips.

Step 2: Distribute evenly by rubbing it between your fingertips, making it spread easily across your palms.

Step 3: Apply the conditioner first to the roots of your hair, working your way up towards the tips. Be sure to distribute the product as evenly as possible throughout your hair. Use a comb for maximum effect. 

Step 4: Then use your fingers to help create a deep side part, which will help to create the sweep-over effect when it’s dry. 

Step 5: Style your hair to the desired shape using a blow dryer and a brush to add as much volume and texture as possible.

Step 6: Once you’ve achieved the desired shape, finish by using a small amount of “Distorter Professional Hair Clay” to lock the style in place. Focus on the roots of your hair to keep volume and work the clay (in small amounts) through your hair with your fingertips.

Barry Keoghan hair

Step 7: If the thickness of your hair means you need to use a stronger matte product, use instead the Hairbond Super Professional Hair Fibre 100ml

By following these steps, you’ll be able to achieve the stand-out, thick sweep over, high fade hairstyle that Barry Keoghan is known for.