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Over the last decade, Lucas Hedges hair has sported a variety of hair styles.

While the American actor initially gained fame for his outstanding acting skills, he has since become known for his captivating persona and charming demeanour. With constant attention from celebrity magazines and tabloids, rumours and gossip surrounding the young man’s hairstyle are always in the limelight.

Today, celebrity hair stylist Dean Banowetz, talks about how you can style your very own Lucas Hedges hair style, using Hairbond products.

Not only is he an excellent actor, but Lucas Hedges also has a unique sense of style that many people admire. Recently, Lucas has been seen sporting three different hairstyles – short (buzz cut), medium (my favourite), and long length. Today, we’ll explore how you can use Hairbond products to achieve all three similar looks to Lucas Hedges.

Short Hairstyle

Lucas Hedges’ short hairstyle is a classic look that is essentially super easy to maintain and no need to go crazy with styling. To achieve this look, you will need to bravely ask your barber for a number one all over. WARNING. This is not for the faint hearted. Before shaving off all of your hair, consider your head and face shape, to decide if this is a look you think you can pull off. Once you’ve cut it off, you can’t stick it back on, so I would always first ask yourself whether you really want to do this. Always consider first the Lucas Hedges medium length style, it might turn out this length is more suited to what you want opposed to this short buzz cut, AKA “skin head”.

lucas hedges hair

Medium Hairstyle

Lucas Hedges’ medium hairstyle is a great option for those who want a bit more length and volume and something to play with. To achieve this look, you’ll  want to ask your barber for a medium length scissor cut. The key to this look is keeping some weight on the sides. Avoid the short back and sides haircut for this one.  To style you want to keep things as natural as possible. Whilst damp after washing, apply a few squirts of Hairbond Wonder Primer to your hands and begin to distribute. Use a brush and hair dryer to dry your hair but don’t create any volume on the top or at the front. Keep all hair in a downwards position at all times and then let it fall naturally into place. To finish, apply a small amount of Hairbond Super to your fingertips. Use the palms of your hands to break the product down ready to rustle through your hair starting off on the top. Work your way round the back and sides, pushing hair from left to right but always making sure it settles in a downwards position.

Long Hairstyle

Lucas Hedges’ long hairstyle is a trendy and stylish look that requires a bit more maintenance. To achieve this style you’ll need to grow your hair out. Warning! This can take a number of months! To style apply Hairbond’s Wonder Primer spray and comb through the long lengths of hair. Use a hairdryer to dry and you don’t need a post styler at this length.