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Dusan Vlahovic | Hairbond

Dusan Vlahovic is a Serbian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Serie A club Juventus and the Serbia national team. To achieve a hairstyle similar to Dusan Vlahovic, you can use hair care products from Hairbond.

The Hairbond brand offers a range of hair styling products that can ultimately help you achieve a variety of looks. But in this case, we should start with clean, towel dry hair and the Hairbond Wonder Primer Spray 120ml and to get your hair to look as close to Vlahovic’s as possible, we recommend trying this out if you already have straight hair. 

Whilst the hair is damp, apply a few doses of Wonder and comb through covering every single hair. The Dusan Vlahovic hairstyle is one of the highest in shine when it comes to professional footballers. Nearly always, does it look nearly wet.

To achieve this high shine look, whilst the hair is still damp, take out the hair dryer and do your best to straighten any kinks out of your fringe, but keep the temperature on a low heat, you don’t want to get rid of all the moisture in the hair.

Now you’re ready to apply small amounts of the Hairbond Gripper Pomade. Use a comb to distribute this water based pomade through your locks and create a side parting just like Dusan Vlahovic. Add more product for additional hold.