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Josh Allen Hair | Hairbond

Josh Allen, the NFL quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, is known for his powerful arm and impressive performances on the field.

He is also known for his stylish, slick and well-groomed appearance, with one of his signature hairstyles being a short, textured cut with a high shine finish. To achieve this hairstyle, you can easily use Hairbond hair styling products.

First, you will need to start with a clean, damp head of hair.

Use a small amount of Hairbond’s Wonder Primer spray to give your hair a smoother finish. This product is a versatile conditioner ideal for pre-styling. Because we want to leave the hair as shiny as possible, comb the Wonder through and leave to dry naturally or use a hairdryer on a lower/cooler setting.

Next, whilst the hair still has a dampness to it, use a small amount of Hairbond’s Gripper Pomade to add some hold and additional shine to the hair. This pomade has a medium hold that provides the highest level of shine, especially when the hair isn’t completely dry. This will give you the look Josh Allen is known for.

Finally, either use your fingers or a comb/brush to style your hair into the desired shape.

If you are looking for less shine and more in the hold department, consider Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee instead.