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Matt Ryan Hair | Hairbond

To ask your barber to style your hair like NFL quarterback Matt Ryan you can start by showing them a picture of Ryan with his current hairstyle.

This will give your barber a clear idea of the specific look you are trying to achieve.
When describing the cut you want, you can ask for a short, neat, and clean cut on the sides and back, with more length on top.
Matt Ryan’s hair is usually styled with a side-parted, slicked-back look, you can ask your barber to give you a side part and style the hair on top with a comb or a brush, to get a similar look.It’s also important to specify the length and the amount of hair you want to keep on the top.
The Matt Ryan hairstyle usually has a medium length on the top, you can ask your barber to keep the hair on the top around 2-3 inches long, depending on your preference.
Finally, you can ask your barber to finish the style with Hairbond hair styling products, whether it be a pomade, gel or wax, to help you achieve the desired look.
In this case we are going to recommend using Hairbond Distorter for a natural/clean finish.
Take a small pea size amount of the clay and evenly coat your hands with product. Once warmed up between both hands, start applying evenly from front to back. Once you feel the product has coated every hair, begin to push your fringe back and to one side. All hair on top should naturally fall into place.