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Joshua Kimmich Haircut | Hairbond

When you’re looking for a hairstyle that will stand out, then consider the top footballer, Joshua Kimmich haircut.

This style is one of many on an ever-growing list of styles to choose from and can be achieved with only products like the Hairbond Shaper. Asking your barber for the Joshua Kimmich haircut. This neat haircut is a classic short back and sides / mid fade. It never quite blends out into skin so tell your barber not to go shorter than a number one at its shortest. We also notice Kimmich likes to style his hair over to his right hand side. You too can replicate this but depending on the way your own hair sits, your barber could advise you to push your hair over to your left if it is easier for you to style and maintain that way.

The German football player known as “Kimmi” has been in good form since he was first drafted into the starting lineup at Bayern Munich under Carlo Ancelotti in 2013.

He was born in Erlangen, Germany and started playing football at the age of 7. At 16 years old he left his native country to play for FC Red Bull Salzburg’s youth team so that they could help him with future opportunities on their professional squad.

Now, Joshua Kimmich is one of the top soccer players in Germany who plays professionally for German club (FC) Bayern Munchen.

Kimmich’s hair looked perfect in Bayern Munich’s latest game as he scores goals left and right. In order to achieve this seamless look on your own locks, you will need high-quality haircare products since that slick style can’t be done with just shampoo!

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