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The Pedri haircut is one of the sharpest in Spain. At its best, this haircut is commonly known as a skin fade. Notice how the hair gradually blends into skin infront of the ear and around the neckline?

Pedri tops the list of most expensive transfers in history with a staggering $74 million transfer fee. Barcelona’s latest acquisition, this Spanish international is an indomitable striker for his nation and will hopefully find similar success at Camp Nou.

Pedri has the perfect cut to fit his face and body type, making him an object of desire for many young people around the world. His haircut is always styled so that they look like he just walked out of a hair salon.

He was born into football royalty after all; how could you expect anything else? How to style the Pedri haircut To carry this haircut off in style, you want to focus on keeping the hair on the top looking natural but you still want that salon finish. Hairbond Moulder is the perfect product for this natural Pedri hair. Ask it for volume and this product will give you lift at the roots and will tidy away any fly aways if you just want to style it down or push it over to one side.

Other Spanish footballers to endorse Hairbond UK brand includes Sergi Canos and David Raya of Brentford FC who play in the Premier League.

pedri hair
Sergi Canos with his Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee.


pedri haircut
Goalkeeper David Raya with his Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee and Hairbond Distorter Professional Hair Clay