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You’ve got to see the Marcos Llorente haircut. This is a great example of a versatile haircut. This is ideal for the guy who wants to show off how creative they can be with styling, no matter if their hair is curly or straight..

If you have a naturally curly hair type and want to know how you can take back full control with a slick hair do then you are going to want to study the Marcos Llorente haircut and tips on how you can get the same results!


The product you use and your pre-styling technique will determine whether you are successful in styling the Marcos Llorente haircut properly.

After the hair has been washed, apply a few squirts of the Hairbond Wonder Primer to your hands and begin to distribute through the hair, making sure you cover every strand. Next, gently brush or comb all your damp hair backwards. Now it’s time to pull out the hairdryer and begin to blowdry your hair using a rounded brush to shape and volumise your hair. The hairdryer should be on a heat setting as the hot air will help straighten out any curls or kinks. When the hair is dry you’re ready for a finishing product.

Marcos Llorente haircut

When you’re a footballer, hair is one of the most important things for your image.

Understanding how you can change things up for different matches, events and using your hair as a fashion accessory can be key for marketing yourself.

Marcos Llorente has been playing in the Spanish League for several years now and he’s always has great hair, curly or straight!

He knows what works for him and his fans want to know how they can get his haircut too!

Here we explain what you can do to get the same results.

This haircut is also perfect if you want to style your hair with a combover or a quiff, as the length of your strands on top makes it easier for you to achieve these looks. If you’re looking for a new look that will turn heads wherever you go, then this is definitely one of them! Just check out how good he looks in his football gear, this time with his natural curly locks… what a transformation! How is this possible, what product is best to use?

Marcos Llorente Haircut – Product Choice

Now you’ve laid the foundations with the Hairbond Wonder Primer you’re ready to add a post styler. If you think your hair isn’t straight enough to resemble the Marcos Llorente haircut, try some straightening irons on the fringe and then work backwards. To finish this haicut off you wil need a strong holding, matte product for the best results, this is why we recommend the Hairbond Mattifier.